Holiday Marketing Tips for Poshmark Sellers

 The magic of the holidays is here! Make this your best holiday season yet by ensuring you and your closet are ready for this busy time of year. We’re breaking down the ways you can promote, prepare, and perfect your closet and cash in during this gifting season.

1. Worker smarter not harder with Bulk Listing Actions.

Help make your holiday season easier by using Bulk Listing Actions to save time, increase visibility, and drive sales. 

  • Bulk Edit Listing Price – Give your listings a holiday discount by dropping the price of multiple listings at once, which helps reduce time spent editing individually by over 90%. Plus, when you drop prices in bulk, each listing’s Likers will be notified of the price drop.
  • Bulk Offer to Likers – Attract more buyers by holding your own holiday flash sale. Sending Offers to Likers in bulk also comes in handy during events like Make a Deal Days. Keep an eye out for special holiday promotions where you can win big!
  • Bulk Share to Holiday Posh Parties – Get your listings in front of gift-hungry shoppers and do it 2X FASTER. Bulk sharing to our holiday-themed Posh Parties allows you to reach a large number of motivated buyers all at once.

2. Use social media to promote your holiday sales.

Social media is a powerful marketing tool at your fingertips and is a great way to amplify your Poshmark listings to reach more people and drive even more sales. Here’s how it can help you cash in on the holidays.

  • Connect your social media accounts to your Poshmark closet. This is a great way to drive traffic to your closet from different social media sites that have highly-engaged users who visit the site frequently. To connect your social media channels to share your Poshmark listings directly to Pinterest, Twitter, and Facebook, tap the Account tab, then scroll down to Sharing Settings and let the sharing begin. 
  • Stay up-to-date on memes and social media trends. Trends come and go (we’re talking about you Red Flag meme, #NoBonesDay, TikTok challenges) but the best ones stick in your mind forever. That’s why we suggest getting on TikTok or Twitter, exploring the trends, and partaking in whichever trend is relevant for your business.
  • Bring your listings to life with video. Whether it’s a behind-the-scenes Reel of the day in the life of a reseller, or a how-you-styled-it TikTok video of your favorite listings for sale—short form videos can help shoppers get to know you and what you’re selling a little better. Plus, whatever videos you use on social media can be cross-posted onto Poshmark as a listing video or a Posh Story.

Not sure what to list this holiday season? We’re here to help. Take the guesswork out of what shoppers are looking for with our NEW Holiday Trend Report. This guide gives you data and insights to the hottest trends of the season so that you can source for your closet and cash in for the holidays.

4. Participate in Poshmark promo days to make SALES.

Did you know that Poshmark puts on weekly promotional days to help sellers make sales? Joining in on promo days means making offers, giving discounted or free shipping to buyers, and listing on specific days to gain visibility and more closet traffic (aka more sales). Plus, you can even win BIG during some of the promotional days—check them out below.

  • Closet Clear Out: Offer (and promote!) free and fast shipping to put your buyers at ease. All you have to do is lower your prices by at least 10% and we’ll notify all of that listing’s Likers with the price drop notification AND discounted shipping. The best part? We cover the discounted shipping! 
  • Make a Deal Days: Make sales and be entered for a chance to win BIG when you use Offer to Likers. Drop your price by at least 10% and choose a shipping discount. We’ll send your offer to everyone who has liked the listing—plus, you’ll be automatically entered to win hourly prizes!
  • Love or List Challenge: If you don’t love it, it’s time to list it! From last season’s looks to giftable finds, take part in this challenge and automatically be entered to win big.
  • Holiday Sweepstakes: Be on the lookout for exclusive holiday sweepstakes you can only participate in during this time of year! They may even have special prizes that you won’t want to miss. 

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