Posh For The Planet: Poshmark Celebrates Earth Month

Did you know it takes about 7,500 liters of water to make a single pair of jeans? Or that the average consumer throws away 60 percent of clothing within a year of purchase? This Earth Month, we celebrate Poshers that are helping to preserve the Earth’s precious resources by promoting circularity and shopping secondhand. 

Each and every one of you is helping to fuel a new, more sustainable way to shop — one where products go on to live second, third, fourth lives, and beyond! This exciting shift to secondhand is growing, particularly among younger generations who want to reduce their consumption and support a more sustainable future. As of 2019, secondhand items comprised 74 percent of items sold on Poshmark and new features like Reposh have made it easy for you to recirculate these items again and again, in just one click. 

Circularity is good for our closets and the planet. The more wear we get out of a pair of jeans, for example, the fewer jeans we need to produce. According to the United Nations Environment Programme, switching to circular models — including resale and secondhand — could help the fashion industry cut around 143 million tonnes of greenhouse gas emissions in 2030. Since Poshmark’s founding in 2011, we’ve made a lot of progress growing consumer adoption of secondhand shopping — but there is still a lot to do to make secondhand shopping everyone’s first choice.

The Scoop on Secondhand Style Today

One of the ways we stay at the forefront of emerging trends is looking at what each of you are buying and selling. Over the past year, we’ve seen just how you are leading the shift to secondhand. Y2K throwbacks, streetwear staples and cozy intimates topped our list for most popular secondhand styles, particularly among Gen Z, proving that secondhand is continuing to take up more space in our closets. But even more exciting is how secondhand is branching out beyond our closets into other parts of our home and life, with kitchen items like coffee and tea essentials, home accents and dining each growing nearly 3x from the year prior. 

Information is Power: Educating and Empowering Our Community of Secondhand Champions

Poshmark shoppers and sellers are proof that you don’t have to compromise style to support sustainability. As a thank you for helping to drive secondhand shopping and selling, and to continue to foster awareness and education about the benefits of secondhand, we are inviting members of the Poshmark community to join a special climate change awareness training. If you’re interested in joining, RSVP here. Stay tuned for more details.

Now through Earth Day on April 22nd, we’re hosting conversations, providing eco-friendly tips, and highlighting Poshmark sellers who source and sell secondhand styles. Here’s this week’s lineup, check back for more content and resources. Wishing everyone a Happy Earth Month and we celebrate YOU as we Posh for the Planet together!

Join us virtually for a conversation about sustainability with three amazing Poshers on April 20th at
4:30pm PT. RSVP here.
Coming soon! Get ready to sell and discover
some sustainable, secondhand items at
this special Posh Party.

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