Posh Tip: How to Switch Between Countries on Poshmark

Want to connect with Poshers across the globe? Welcoming and connecting with new Poshers worldwide has never been easier. Use this guide to switch between countries, find new Poshers, and spread the #PoshLove.

How to Switch Between Countries:

  1. Tap the menu on the top left of the app. 
  2. Tap on the flag and select the country you’d like to switch to. 
  3. Voila! You just traveled the globe in a couple taps. 

How to Find New People:

  1. Tap the People Finder icon at the top right of the Feed.
  2. Tap on New People to see Poshers who have recently joined. 
  3. You can also connect with Posh Ambassadors in that country by scrolling down and tapping through their closet names. 

Once you find a new Posher, write them a welcome note on their Meet the Posher listing. Extra kudos if you share your favorite Posh Tip for getting started on Poshmark. 

Ready to start connecting? Head over to the Feed in the app now.

Check out our Community Toolkit for more ways to connect with the community.

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