Introducing Poshmark’s Heart & Hustle Community Fund

We’re excited to introduce the Poshmark Heart & Hustle Community Fund to provide our seller community with the funds and fundamentals to support their business goals in 2021 and beyond.

Whether your goal is to make some extra cash, scale your business, support the circular economy, or turn a side hustle into something bigger—Poshmark wants to recognize and empower entrepreneurs and dream chasers who believe and demonstrate that heart and hustle go hand-in-hand.

Launching on January 26, 2021, the Fund includes:

  • A total amount of US$500,000 granted to applicants from the Poshmark seller community in 2021, split over 2 application cycles during the year.
  • Select mentorship opportunities and seller resources focused on growing your Poshmark business. 

Ready to turn passion into profit? Learn more about the Heart & Hustle Community Fund now!

Go Now

P.S. Stay tuned—the first round of applications will open on January 26.

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