PoshFest 2020 Recap: Building Your Brand, Leveling Up Your Business, And More!

PoshFest 2020 was one for the books. For the first time ever, our annual conference went virtual, allowing Poshers to tune in and join the festivities right at home! From learning how to utilize your Instagram to learning SEO strategies, there were plenty of notable moments throughout the weekend. Better yet, we’re recapping all the major highlights from the 2-day event right here. 

P.S. Didn’t get a chance to tune into the live broadcast? You can rewatch them here!

On Learning to Building Your Brand 

Whether you’re working on building your brand presence within Poshmark or on your other social platforms, this year’s lineup of social media experts were ready to give you all the pointers you need to grow your online brand.

  • Don’t be afraid to put yourself out there. @shopfoxburrow explained it best during her breakout session, Creating a Brand That Stands Out: “I found that once I started to put my face with my brand and in my photos, not only did they get way more Likes on Poshmark where once I was doing a dressform, it also gave my brand a new face.” 
  • Be consistent. Be yourself. Keep learning. Just before speaking during the Thriving and Subscribing on YouTube breakout session, @beckypark shared her 3 top tips on successfully building your YouTube presence. Although this breakout session focused solely on YouTube, these tips can easily be translated into any other social platform. 
  • The 3 P’s. @bysimonedennis broke down 3 main ideas that helped her build her business. Purpose: What do you want your business to achieve? Pizzazz: What makes you stand out? Project: Where do you want your business to go? 

Time to Get Serious 

We can’t make money moves without understanding the nitty gritty. This year, we dove into everything from bookkeeping to creating spreadsheets that make sense for YOU.

  • Establish a routine. Determine how often you run your reports and pivot your business when you start noticing different trends and accommodate according to what’s happening in the world.
  • Know your desired outcome. Come up with a plan of action and create attainable goals for your closet.  
  • Set your business up for success. If you’re serious about moving your business from part-time to full-time, @shopnccloset breaks down the top 3 things you need before you start: business registration and licensing, determine your tax structure, and open a business bank account. 

Utilize all the Tools Poshmark Offers

Our team is always working to create the best tools to help your business succeed. While this year’s Hackathon Reveal announced a few NEW features coming soon, our speakers remind us of the current available tools that are just as beneficial. 

  • Fifteen seconds is all you need. @evolvingalways takes advantage of Posh Stories to advertise what’s for sale and drive potential buyers to her closet. 
  • Communicate with your buyer. Use the Bundle feature to spark a conversation and open a line of communication so that you can help style your shopper. 
  • Price Drop + Closet Clear Out work hand in hand. Drop your prices once Closet Clear Out rolls around so potential buyers will get notified about a lower price PLUS score discounted shipping! Win-win. 

The More You Know, The More You Grow

Want to improve your sales? This year’s speakers were FULL of #PoshTips on how to move merchandise and push those sales out the door!

  • Improve your listing details for SEO. This is perfect real estate to inform anyone about your item and will not only help your buyer know exactly what they’ll be receiving but will also allow Google to learn and optimize for SEO.  
  • Know your keywords. Always use descriptive keywords to accurately describe the item. Use unique words to differentiate your product. #PoshTip: Include the style code!
  • The Dos and Don’ts for Covershots: 
    • DO have a clear view of the main product being sold
    • DO accurately display the entire product.
    • DO use a solid white or transparent background color.
    • DON’T use props that cover the product.
    • DON’T use a generic image, graphic, or illustration.
    • DON’T use an image with a border or watermark. 

We asked Poshers to describe the Poshmark community in one word. Here is what they had to say!

Want more? Head to our YouTube channel to access all of the main sessions or check out our Instagram Highlights (Day 1 & Day 2) from the event.

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