The Posh Life: Posh Friends Forever (PFF) in Canada Edition

To celebrate Poshmark Canada’s 1st Birthday, we chatted with a few sets of PFFs (Posh Friends Forever) who met this past year. Whether it was an in-person instant connection at a Poshmark event or a silly mistake when purchasing an item—these PFFs showcase the unique ways to make friendships and connections on Poshmark. Read on as they discuss ways they support each other’s businesses and encouraging tips to make a PFF of your own! We love this community! 

Martha @shopstylefinity (Brampton, ON) & Ashley @ashleydtl (Toronto, ON)

How did you become PFFs?
We met during Posh Party Live in Toronto as panelists and again at a Posh n Sip. We hit it off instantly and found out we had more in common, including a shared sense of humour, and kept in touch ever since.

How have you been supporting one and other throughout your Poshmark journey?
Aside from closet shares, we support each other while co-hosting in-app Posh Parties, while we are out sourcing inventory, and proudly sharing related efforts such as Ashley’s YouTube channel. We support each other outside of Poshmark too. We are one another’s hype woman!

What are some of the ways you stay connected?
We text almost every day, have occasional Zoom/video calls and connect on social media. We’ve also thrifted together virtually and look forward to planning a real thrift outing when the time is right! 

How would you describe your PFF in one sentence? 
Ashley is caring, genuine and witty AF. She’s my kindred Posh spirit! Everyday we find something new in common. 

Martha is ambitious, savvy, thoughtful, hilarious and resourceful.

How would you encourage others to meet a PFF? 
Take advantage of Poshmark events in your area (live or virtual). Social media interaction can be helpful too. Ask questions, share tips, show support and you just may find someone you click with!

Kandyce @valtkids (Ottawa, ON) & Jenny @peacehunter18 (Saskatoon, SK)

How did you become PFFs? 
We met when Jenny made a purchase from my closet. I mixed up 3 orders that day (still a green seller), and it was the best mistake ever made! We struck up a friendship over Posh that has grown with our closets!

How have you been supporting one and other throughout your Poshmark journey? 
Our daily convos are everything! Sourcing, learning, venting and encouragement. We source for each other, trade pieces that aren’t working in our closets, and send customer’s each other’s way. It’s a match made in heaven!

What are some of the ways you stay connected?
We chat daily on Facebook, send each other listings we might be interested in, and chat via our Bundles.

How would you describe your PFF in one sentence?
We live through each other’s closets – she’s my boho country chic side, and I’m her leather city side.

How would you encourage others to meet a PFF?
Make an epic mistake, lol. But seriously, just reach out to someone when you get a good convo going on a purchase or sale, and see where it goes from there!

Lauren @southswell (Comox Valley, BC) & Lorel @yvrposhmama (Vancouver, BC)

How did you become PFFs?
We met in person at a Poshmark event in Vancouver in December 2019, but we connected through Instagram. I think we are very similar in a lot of ways (Lauren & Lorel, we are the same age, we both talk a lot, people pronounce our names funny), so it’s just easy to chat. We are both highly motivated (and competitive), we both have young families and we like the same wine so…

How have you been supporting one and other through your Poshmark journey?
We discuss different strategies and check in with each other often. Lorel recently bought a bundle from me so I could meet my financial goal, so sweet and thoughtful. Lauren has encouraging entrepreneurial strategies, ways to make optimum sales while still hustling and being an epic mama. 

What are some of the ways you stay connected? 
Mostly through Instagram. I also keep an eye on her closet in case there is anything I NEED to have. Lauren posts “Posh Deal alerts” which keep me checking on her accounts often. I am looking forward to reuniting for a sourcing trip and a visit soon!

How would you describe your PFF in one sentence? 
Lorel is so positive – she really lifts up everyone around her. She is also extremely hard working.  She sets goals for herself and crushes them. 

Lauren is a fierce, determined woman, who is so encouraging and wonderful to lean on for support and laughs.

How would you encourage others to meet a PFF?
I think starting a separate Instagram account for your Posh journey is the best way to meet a PFF. It will come naturally! Additionally – staying positive, helping one another out, and naturally you will find that soul PFF who just gets you, your strategies and uplifts you. 

We love the support these PFFs provide each other throughout their Poshmark journeys, can’t wait to see all the more friendships formed in year two of #PoshmarkCanada

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