Seller Spotlight: @mrsalliexo, @charmingcee, @olchkv & @sewls

Welcome to Seller Spotlight where you will learn more about  awesome sellers from different stages in the Poshmark journey. Our community is made up of sellers who Posh full-time, do this as a side hustle, those who are just getting started and so many other ways that fit different lifestyles and goals. 

This week, we’re highlighting four amazing Poshers with diverse backgrounds from running a successful boutique to starting selling in Canada. Let’s meet @mrsalliexo, @charmingcee, @olchkv and @sewls

Closet: @mrsalliexo / Instagram: @shopmrsalliexo
Hi everyone nice to meet you, I’m Allie! My boutique name is @mrsalliexo. I am from Los Angeles, California and I’ve been a proud member of the Poshmark community since 2014. 

Where do you find inspiration when sourcing for your boutique?
I’d say my inspiration originates from me loving trends I am personally drawn to. I select my items and curate my closet based on my style, what I love, and what I desire to own. I turn to Pinterest and Instagram to keep up with current trends and to get a little extra boost to explore my creativity. My closet reflects this and has been a wonderful opportunity to connect with other Poshinistas who are drawn to the same vibe.

An item you’re currently selling that you’d want to keep for yourself.
My whole boutique! Ha ha! Honestly, I only sell items I would genuinely wear and keep for myself. That’s how I stay true to my style and gain repeat customers. So, I’d like one of everything, please! Repeating the mantra, “Don’t keep the stock,” is sometimes a very real sentiment!

Who is your business role model?
I have a few, but if I have to narrow it down to one, my business role model would be Arielle Charnas, known best for her blog and fashion line Something Navy. I admire her in so many ways. She is a hard-working mom of two daughters, the same ages as mine. She started her business from the ground up remaining true to herself and style. Through lots of hard work she has successfully turned her vision into a thriving business while remaining humble, maintaining the importance of family time, and looking stylish while doing it. If that isn’t the definition of the modern woman and goals, I don’t know what is! 

Advice for aspiring entrepreneurs?
Building genuine relationships with your customers is number one. It’s more than just selling clothes for me, as I’ve made some of my best friends on Poshmark. It is key to build a one-on-one experience for each customer. The strategy around my business is very straightforward and simple to be honest.. I’m not here to make a quick buck. It’s quite the opposite. I want you to love what you buy, feel beautiful, and come back as a repeat customer. That’s why I take such detailed personal photos and thoroughly take the time with the information in all my item descriptions. I want to build trust with anyone  purchasing from me. I cannot stress the importance of being as honest and detailed as possible as an integral recipe for success. Lastly, focus on having an authentic page. Style is based on your personality; sell items you love and work hard on building your customer base. People shop with you because you’re you!

What are some of the adjustments you’ve made at home and to your daily schedule/routine?
I keep my schedule open 24/7 for my boutique. I work all hours to give the best customer service possible. My husband is supportive and helpful in making that happen, so I am very lucky. I also plan every aspect of my business around my two daughters, Gia, 4, and Pailey, 1 1/2. Naptime is my saving grace! Running a 7-day business by myself, while being a full-time mom is hard and challenging. With all that being said… I love what I do, so I don’t look at it as “work”. I approach it as a fun girl club that is easily accessible. I log on, have meaningful conversations with my girlfriends, style them, and then help them curate their custom bundles… all while cutting fruit for my toddler! 

Closet: @charmingcee / Instagram: @charmingcee_posh
My name is Charmaine and I go by Char or ChaCha. My closet name is @charmingcee. I’m from Virginia and I’ve been on Poshmark since 2015 but I made this closet in 2018!

If you could meet any PFF in real life who would it be and why?
I would love to meet Christina aka @style_luxe! She has a lot of great tips for resellers and she is also a NICU nurse,wife, and mom. She’s very inspiring to me, more than I think she knows. ❤️

What’s your favorite thing about selling on Poshmark?
My favorite thing about selling on Poshmark is giving clothing a new home!

Describe yourself in three words.
Caring, passionate and determined.

Where do you find inspiration?
I find a lot of inspiration from my big brother. We’re 22 months and he’s special needs with cerebral palsy and epilepsy. Right now I’m working as his caregiver so that my parents can go to work and have a little break! He likes to source with me sometimes as well.

What’s your listing goal for this month?
This month I would like to have 200 active listings!

Tell us about your favorite sale you made on Poshmark!
My favorite sale was a Pink Blush maternity Maxi dress with pink and blue flowers. I sold it to an expecting mother who wore it to her baby shower. I also included a little onesie for her baby. I felt really special knowing I was able to contribute to such an important event in her life!

Closet: @olchkv / Instagram: @olga_g32
My name is Olga Grinchuk, closet name @olchkv. I’m from Ukraine originally. I currently live in Cleveland, OH and I’ve been on Poshmark since February 2018.

If you could provide one #PoshTip for new Poshers, what would it be?
My best tip is to share your closet every 2 hours, take good photos and try to list at least once a day.

If you could meet any PFF in real life who would it be?
It would be @jeannyrs, she seems like a very nice person.

What’s an item you’re currently selling that you wish you could keep for yourself.
This beautiful pair of Lilly Pulitzer Pants.

Tell us about your favorite sale you made on Poshmark and why?
My favorite sale was a Madras plaid Burberry skirt.

Describe yourself in three words.Outgoing, loving and kind. And also a happy mom to 4 beautiful kids.

If you could only have one designer bag for the rest of your life which one would you choose?
My designer dream bag would be anything Louis Vuitton. I wish!

Closet: @sewls / Instagram: @sewls
Hello! My name is Solange and my closet name is @sewls. I’m from a small town on the East Coast of Canada and I created my account on the very day of Posh Canada’s launch last year back in May. I had been awaiting the platform’s arrival in Canada for so long!

Tell us about your favorite sale you made on Poshmark!
I always enjoy any sale where I have the opportunity to interact with the buyer beforehand, whether that’s through answering their questions or assisting them with a technical aspect of the platform. I had a new buyer asking about shipping discounts so I thought I’d walk her through the Closet Clear Out promotion. This allowed me to offer her a great deal on a brand new pair of shoes – she was thrilled and left me a kind love note!

What’s your number one #PoshTip?
Always find ways to improve your closet and stay on top of things. Update pictures and descriptions, find and list new brands, do some research on what items are trending at the moment, share your closet often and provide great customer service by communicating with your buyers.

What’s your favorite brand to sell on Poshmark and why?
I love having pieces by Tory Burch to list. This is one of my higher-end brands and it always flies out of my closet very quickly at win-win prices for both myself and my buyers.

What’s your favorite thing about selling on Poshmark?
I love that Posh makes it EASY and FUN for me to earn a little extra income on the side while I keep doing what I enjoy at my regular day job as a graphic designer. I’m currently saving up for my first house and every sale helps me get closer to my goal – all while keeping things sustainable by finding new homes for preloved items as well as being part of this amazing community of people who share similar interests!

If you have a few words of advice for other Poshers, what are they?
If you want to get more serious about selling, never stop researching and get involved with the Poshmark community online (social media, etc). Many of them are sharing valuable tips everyday and it’s also a great way to get inspired. Also, just have fun!

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