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We’re back with another panel of our series Level Up LIVE on YouTube! Join us each week as we connect with fellow Posh entrepreneurs and have them share their personal experiences and the unique ways they’ve grown their Poshmark businesses. Follow along and learn something new on a topic you want to learn more about! 

This week, we went live with @chevah, @desireluxe, and @merileean to chat about how they take listing photos, capture the perfect Covershot, and more. Check out the highlights below.

Poshmark Closet: @chevah
Instagram: @chevah
Location: California
Posher since: 2017

Q: Do you have a dedicated space for taking photography?
A: I have a dedicated space in my living room and it’s very versatile, so I can pack away [my photography stuff] when I have people over. My space consists of assembled hardwood composite tiles that I placed on top of my existing tile. I’m fortunate to have a nice brick wall that adds a great backdrop and I can store everything under the couch and out of the way. You only need a pack [of tiles] and you can find it at any supply hardware store.

Q:  How do you prepare for taking photos?
A: I try to take photos during the daytime, but my schedule dictates my time. I’ve been making a lot of use of the Drafts feature lately. If you’re running short on time, rather than focusing on descriptions, take a bunch of pictures, then go back to add details to the listing when you have time and don’t need light. If I know which items I’m going to photograph the following day, I can build out a listing draft the night before and add the photos the next day. I also try to take photos of the same type of items at one time to get in the zone and make sure the angles and lighting are consistent. For example, if I have a few hats, I’ll photograph them on the same day. I’ll try to do this most of the time, but sometimes I prioritize getting favorite items out quickly. 

Q:  For anyone looking for lighting kits, what are your recommendations?
A: I recently caved and bought a selfie ring light and I’ve noticed a difference in the quality of my photos. You can also make due with what you have around the house. Before purchasing the ring light, I was using two lamps with bright, white light. Find what works best for you and your space. You don’t have to invest a lot of money to get great results. 

Q:  How do you decide which props you use and how do you use them to enhance the item in your Covershots?
A: I use an acrylic stand to prop items up and capture them at a better angle so that the item that I’m selling is slightly elevated and stands out more. Also, my Covershots include 4 items that are also in my closet. I get so many messages from people asking if an item in the Covershots is available. It’s a great way to advertise other listings in your closet. I like to create a vibe and outfits in my Covershots to give buyers an idea of the potential of the item.

Poshmark Closet: @desireluxe
Instagram: @shopdesireluxe
Location: Indiana
Posher since: 2016

Q: What is a step you make sure you do to capture the perfect Covershot?
A: I’m all about natural light. Try to get all the photographs first and then measure later. Getting measurements do not require lighting and you can take your time with that after.

Q: What happens when you don’t have natural lighting?
A: I try not to use my studio lighting and I’ll honestly go outside. I may use an umbrella light to boost the lighting in my closet. You do not need a lighting kit but it helps with taking photos during off times. I will also add that I like the way lightboxes look and it makes everything white instead of yellow.

Q: Do you do any editing after you take your photo?
A: I like to use the built in iPhone editor. The tools I use the most are black points, contrast, and shadows. Sometimes, I’ll lightly use the brilliant tool but that may make photos look yellow so you’ll have to be careful.

Q: With the 8 photo listing option, how do you dictate what photos to use? 
A: I definitely utilize the 8 photos every time. I make sure I have pictures of the care tags, measurements, fabric, and flaws if applicable. In the end, you’re being honest to your buyer. If you need to go beyond 8 photos, you could create a collage or create another listing.

Q: What is your top tip for someone who wants to revamp their Covershots?
A: Do your research! Browse other places to find inspiration and see if you want to replicate it and make it yours. There are so many boutiques other there and figure out what draws you to that listing.

Poshmark Closet: @merileeann 
Instagram: @merileeann
Location: California
Posher since: 2015

Q: Do you have a dedicated space for taking photography?
A: I take pictures all over the place, I’m all about finding natural light. So depending on the time of day I have a hook on my porch, sometimes I’m in my master bedroom that has tile that looks like wood. It sits right by a window and is a beautiful tile that’s so neutral and works really well for me. Wherever I can take a picture where the lighting is the best, that’s where I am. 

Q:  How do you prepare for taking photos?
A: This is my best Posh tip, I’m not even kidding! One day in a Poshmark Facebook group, I posted a photo of a shirt before I cleaned my [phone] lens, and after I cleaned it and people were shocked. People don’t think about it, but it’s in your pocket all day. A huge thing to remember after lighting is a clean lens before you start. 

Q:  How do you decide which props you use and how do you use them to enhance the item in your Covershots?
A: When you have too much in a picture it’s hard to tell what’s for sale. If I’m going to add a pair of shoes, I sneak them in. I’ll sort of cut off the back of the shoe or only half of it, just so it’s obvious that I’m selling the item taking up the most space. 

Q: What is your top tip for someone who wants to revamp their Covershot?
A:  Steam or iron your clothes and make sure your item looks like someone would want it. Don’t forget you’re selling to a stranger. I’ll even rotate my Covershots—I’ll have a mannequin form shot and a flat lay shot and I’ll sometimes swap it. A lot of times it’ll get new likes. If you have 2 Covershots, don’t be afraid to periodically switch them around. 

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