Level Up LIVE: Inventory Management

We’re back with week two of our brand-new series, Level Up LIVE on YouTube! This week, we spoke with Poshers @beckypark, @elducho, and @poshingwithmona on how they manage their inventory and what systems work for them. From organization tips to processing inventory and utilizing Poshmark tools, check out the highlights below.

Poshmark Closet: @beckypark
Instagram: @beckyparkonposhmark
Location: Illinois  
Posher since: 2017

Q: How were you managing your inventory in the beginning?
A: I had piles of stuff along the wall and then my inventory started to take over my daughter’s room. It would take me hours to find an item that sold. That’s when I realized that I need a better system because it shouldn’t take me this long to find something.

Q: What does your inventory process look like as soon as you get new items? 
A: I’ll photograph the item and set it aside to organize later. I’ve tried to come up with a system that’s as efficient as possible because I don’t have a lot of spare time. I have numbered bins where I store the items and each bin has a corresponding spreadsheet. Once an item has been listed, I’ll store the item in a gallon bag that is numbered and place it in a bin. Later, I’ll dedicate time to updating my spreadsheets with the new items placed in a bin. I make sure to reuse my inventory supplies too.

Q: What does your process like when you make a sale?
A: When an item sells, I’ll search in my spreadsheets for the item and locate the item in its corresponding bin/bag. I’ll package the item using the free USPS supplies and any supplies that the buyer can repurpose such as tissue paper and yarn. 

Q: How are you utilizing the private inventory fields that are available in the listing?
A: I was so excited when this feature launched and thought it is such a game changer, but I have yet to use it. If I had more time, I would probably use those fields to track the buy/cost expenses, which would help determine my potential profit when I get an offer. I definitely see the value of it!

Q: What roadblocks did you encounter while developing your process?
A: I’ve had many days where I’ve had to go through every bin trying to locate an item I’ve sold and I also have a student that photographs my items, so it’s difficult to keep track of who has the item and where it is. I took a lot of inspiration from other resellers and how they approach their inventory system.

Q: For anyone considering getting organized or evolving their system, what advice would you give them?
A: It’s important to be honest about how much time you’re willing to invest and evaluate how feasible an inventory system is for your lifestyle. Also, clear bins make a huge difference because you can peak through and find an item without digging through everything. Lastly, use this time to find a system that will set yourself up for success. 

Poshmark Closet: @elducho
Instagram:  @elduchothrift
Location: Washington 
Posher since: 2017

Q: How were you keeping track of your inventory at the beginning?
A: I had bins but it still wasn’t the best. The reason is because I had 60 or so items in each bin and so looking for items was a challenge.

Q: What does your process look like after you purchase your item?
A: When I bring my loot home, I first photograph the item. I’ll do them in batches and knock out 40 items at a time. I’ll sit at my desk, measure the items, and put in the inventory in my Google spreadsheet. I have a virtual assistant so I have to be clear and give as much detail as I can so that they can help me create descriptions. 

Q: How are you utilizing the private fields?
A: I input the date in the sku. I know some people will add their buy cost. I don’t do that but this is a great place to do that. 

Q: For anyone that’s looking to evolve their system, what advice do you have or them?
A:  Be proactive in being organized right away so you don’t run into this problem. There’s a lot of content out there for resellers. I recommend watching those videos, cherry-pick what you like, and add your own spin to see what works for your space. You don’t have to wait until you have 500+ items in your closet to start your inventory process. Do that now as it’s easier to add to your inventory process than to work backwards. In addition, always be willing to evolve as your inventory is evolving.

Poshmark Closet: @poshingwithmona
Instagram: @poshingwithmon
Location: Texas
Posher since: 2013

Q: How can you compare your inventory process from when you started Poshing to what it’s like now?
A: In the beginning, I honestly would just take my inventory and throw it in the closet. Yes, it was a chaotic mess. I realized that it wasn’t sustainable so I moved towards having an actual inventory process. Now, I use bins so that I can locate my inventory easily.

Q: What does your process look like after you purchase your item?
A: I prefer writing it down in my notebook. Once I do that, I describe it, steam my item, take the pictures, and put it in a bag. I try to do all the work prior to the sale so that when I make the sale, I can just pull the item, put it in a box, and ship it immediately.

Q: What benefits do you see tracking in a notebook vs a spreadsheet?
A: My laptop is currently dead. Using a notebook is what works best for me. I used to do everything on the laptop but find it being easier working through my notebook. In scenarios like this, it’s great to have a reliable backup.

Q: For anyone that’s looking to evolve their system, what advice do you have or them?
A: Do what works for you and find something that makes it easy to locate your inventory. It’s ok to do it differently. Don’t get overwhelmed or you’ll burn yourself out quick. Using bins works for me but if that doesn’t work for you, then that’s ok. Also, take into consideration the space you have. If you don’t have a lot of space, consider getting compartments to store under your bed.

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