The Posh Life: Poshmark Parents on Balance, Family Life, and Self-Care Pt. 2

Poshlife_blogpost_bannerFor our last blog post we chatted with some amazing Poshmark Parents, so we’re back to spread the #PoshLove and hear from a few more of these superheroes. We asked parents how they’re adjusting to this new reality—from having kids home 24/7, to how they’re making time for Poshing, to self-care tips, and so much more. We hope these stories bring a little brightness and warmth during this uncertain time.

Hi I’m Velda Hall, @kwanylove, I’ve had a Poshmark account since 2018 but did not become really active until last year.  

How are you balancing Poshing, self-care, and family?

Not only is it important to create a routine, but it’s also important to spend time taking care of yourself outside of that routine. I spend the mornings and afternoon tending to my Posh closet and Instagram. I always find time to take daily walks with my kids to get some fresh air. At night, I’ll sometimes even have my girls join in on helping me with Poshing. I also find it important to support each other as much as we can during this time so we always eat dinner together, watch movies, and listen to music in the evening. 

What are some of the adjustments you’ve made at home and to your daily schedule/routine?

I’ve had to be more flexible throughout the day, which allows for more creativity and going with the flow. We also started a vision board with all of our goals, wants, and dreams which has helped lighten the mood. We’ll pick one movie for the whole day and we’ll spend time watching it, talking about it, predicting what will happen, which has brought us closer together and made this time a bit more fun. 

What are some ways you are practicing self-care?

I’ve been doing a lot of cleaning and organizing, which has helped me stay afloat. I find time to just breathe, relax, and do absolutely nothing except binge watch my favorite shows. I also find it important to get dressed in the morning—that helps me feel better about myself and I always end the day with a nice bubble bath.

Hello Posh fam! I’m Korbyn. My Poshmark closet is @atelierfoil. I’m from Louisville, Kentucky and I’ve been on Poshmark since 2013.

Are there any creative new activities you have done with your kids? If so, what are they?

We’ve been taking nature walks and encouraging my son, Mason, to find items of a certain color (a brown pine cone, a yellow flower, a green leaf, etc.)! We’ve also been focusing on counting activities (working on counting to 20 now!) and life and motor skills like pouring water into a cup, washing dishes, etc. 

What are some of the adjustments you’ve made at home and to your daily schedule/routine?

We’re giving ourselves grace now more than ever. Although we’ve been able to be more productive, it’s not our main priority. There will always be opportunities to clean out that closet, dust the mantle, etc. but this freedom of being able to be present together is rare so we’re focusing primarily on that right now (along with intentional alone time because…sanity. 😜).

In what ways has being at home brought your family closer together?

Josh and I have been focusing on improving our communication. This is something that has always been a priority but when you have places to be, errands to run, work to do, etc. sometimes it can be difficult to check in regularly. Taking time to talk through any unresolved differences we’ve had, as well as spending more present time with Mason has really helped evolve our relationship and family unit. Some great activities for us have been cooking together, teaming up on the bedtime routine, and talking through ways we can utilize the extra free time we’ve been given. 

Hi, I’m Korey @shopwithkorey, and I’m currently Poshing from Minnesota! I’ve been on the Poshmark app for just about two years.

How are you balancing Poshing, self-care, and family?

I have a 4-year-old daughter and a 1-year-old son, so finding balance has been an ever-changing thing! There’s been a lot of trial and error to find our new normal with everything going on. I’m a pretty spontaneous person and my style is as well. Setting out loosely blocked time for everything and making sure that Poshing, self-care, and family time happen every single day is essential! My daughter is a self-proclaimed little Posher and has taken on the job of attaching labels and thank you stickers to each package. I have included her in the entire process and she can’t wait to do it every day. I love that it has become something so fun for us to do together! 

Are there any creative new activities you have done with your kids? If so, what are they?

There are so many wonderful companies offering free or discounted memberships for workout classes and learning sites and I have taken full advantage of making those a part of our daily routine. A morning stretching and workout has been a fun way to get the kids moving and start our day on a high note! Talent shows and magic shows are a regular event and bath time is now referred to as “swimming lessons”. We are also enjoying new recipes and getting creative with baking!

How are you dealing with some of the tougher questions they’re asking? (i.e. Why they aren’t going to school or why they can’t see their friends)

I have tried to keep things light as my daughter is an emotional little one. We had to postpone a special birthday trip to Florida for her, we explained that many people got sick and the safest place for us right now is at home. There are so many wonderful people working to help everyone get healthy again and it’s important that we stay home to let them do the best job they can! Though she asks many questions daily and sometimes on repeat she understands that everyone needs time to feel better! 

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