Press Play: Poshmark Spotify Playlists

Get ready to press play and listen with us all day long! We curated the following playlists to tune into whether you need some Monday morning motivation or something to dance to when shipping out your #PoshPackages.

Playlist Title: Monday Fund-day 
All the #MondayMotivation songs you need to lift you up and kick start your week!

Playlist Title: What we’re list(en)ing to
Whether you’re tackling your death pile or finally found time to list, here’s the soundtrack to keep you going.

Playlist Title: Handle with Care
Handle your #PoshPackages with care while playing this playlist in the background. 

Playlist Title: Ain’t No Party Like a Posh Party
Posh, Fizz, Clink! Party with your PFFs and dance it out while you share your favorite listings!

Playlist Title: Self Care Sunday
Sit back, relax, and kick off your week on a good note with this Self Care Sunday playlist. Listen if you like: Ariana Grande, FKJ, Khalid

Playlist Title: Funds in the Sun
The soundtrack to your summer. Cheers! Listen if you like: Childish Gambino, Harry Styles, Madonna

Playlist Title: AM to PM
Play these tracks throughout your day, starting with your morning routine to winding down at night. Listen if you like: Tame Impala, Kygo, Basstracks

Playlist Title: Level Up
Level up your Poshmark business with these motivating songs! Listen if you like: Ciara, Beyonce, Lady Gaga

Playlist Title: The Official PoshFest 2020 Playlist
Get pumped for PoshFest weekend with the Official PoshFest 2020 Playlist!

Party Like It’s Poshmark’s Birthday!
The perfect birthday playlist to keep on rotation as we celebrate Poshmark’s 9th birthday! 🎁

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