The Posh Life: Poshmark Parents on Balance, Family Life, and Self-Care


While there are many uncertainties in the world right now, we can confidently say that the Poshmark community will always be here to support each other. As we all try and navigate through this unprecedented time, we decided to ask some amazing Posh Parents how they’re adjusting to this new reality, in hopes that it’ll be helpful to you.  Hear them share their stories—from having kids home 24/7, to how they’re making time for Poshing, to self-care tips, and so much more.



Hi! I’m Jen from Evallia. I’m from Northeast Ohio where I’ve lived my entire life. I’ve been selling on Poshmark for just shy of 3 years but only selling full-time since the beginning of 2019. Fun Fact: My Posh name comes from adding the beginnings of my kiddos names together!

How are you balancing Poshing, self-care, and family?

I’ve been working fully from home with a little one since I quit my job at the end of 2018, so it’s not completely new to me. The biggest addition to my daily life is that my older kids are home from school. I have a 3-year-old, a 10-year-old, and my stepdaughters are 12 and 16. Being a split family, the older 3 kids aren’t here 100% of the time. As far as Poshmark and work goes, I can typically prep and photograph items for the day within an hour or less. Usually, I do this when I give the little one some screen time and the others are working on schoolwork. I will typically list a few things during the day and then some more in the evenings. A lot of Poshers have set schedules for their day but my mindset is more, “get done what you can when you can”! As of right now, I don’t take one day fully off from Poshmark. I usually work in one capacity or another, especially while we’re stuck at home anyway. My husband helps A TON by sharing and helping me with putting away inventory, and it always helps that I love my job and don’t mind doing it every day! Sometimes I consider Poshing my self-care. I may take an hour or so in the evening for myself to sit down, put a TV show on, and list (which usually involves wine!) or scroll through my PFFs’ closets. Luckily, I also love to cook and bake, so making 3 meals a day (husband helps in this category as well) is kinda my zen zone. That being said, dinner is always a time to connect with the family. We always eat together and try to all make it to the dinner table.

Are there any creative new activities you have done with your kids? If so, what are they?

Yes, definitely! I’ve created a very loose schedule for the weekdays, where the kids first get their school work done before anything else. After that, I try to get them in a creative mode where I let them do an art project of their choice based on a certain topic, or I have them all work on one thing. For instance, I’m super excited about what I have planned for this week. I’m gathering random items from around the house (like jars, pieces of wood, plastic containers, etc.) and giving the kids 60 seconds to gather what they can (think of one of those crazy cooking shows!) to make bird feeders. I’ll give them an hour to make and decorate them. Another art project I have to tell you guys about because I think a lot of Poshers will get a good laugh, is about my sweater fuzz black sheep. My little guy always takes my sweater shaver apart and gets the fuzz everywhere, so I decided to make him a sheep picture to glue the fuzzies on to look like wool. If that’s not inventive, I don’t know what is!

What are some of the adjustments you’ve made at home and to your daily schedule/routine?

I am someone who likes to leave the house. I usually go to Target, grocery shop, or thrift shop multiple times throughout the week so it’s definitely been an adjustment for me. I’ve had to make meal plans and purchase enough groceries to last us a lot longer than before to minimize my exposure to others. As far as my work schedule goes, I’m definitely getting less done during the day while I try to wrangle the kids to stay on task with their school work and to come up with other activities to occupy them.



Hi! I am Genevieve Alba, a mother and goal-getter living in Secane, Pennsylvania. I put my best foot forward in everything I do. I am balancing my life stylishly and I like to sell clothes for the everyday women and kids on Poshmark @bestof_alba. I opened my Poshmark account in 2017, but wasn’t actively selling until January 2019.

How are you balancing Poshing, self-care, and family?

The best ways I’m balancing Poshing, self-care, and family is by having a schedule. I usually write my schedule the night before so I have an idea of what my day will look like. I wake up early so I can have a few hours head start to my day. 

Are there any creative new activities you have done with your kids? If so, what are they?

My daughter loves playing outside and I too love the outdoors, but because of the circumstances we are in, I have to explore my creative side to keep my daughter busy. We have brought the paint brushes out, showed off our dance moves on TikTok, baked some delicious treats, and also  sang along to some of her favorite Disney songs.  

In what ways has being at home brought your family closer together?

I’m excited to see the way my daughter learns at school. Doing activities and building memories in this uncertain time is somehow a blessing to me. I used to dream about working from home, and now I am able to do so and spending more time with my daughter is the best feeling in the world.



My name is Peanut. I am a full-time reseller residing in Minnesota and a mom of three boys. Ian is 8, George is 2 and Ben is 6 months. My closet name is PeanutNCounting and I started reselling back in September 2018 part-time. In August of last year with the anticipation of having little ones under two, I resigned and became a full-time reseller and stay-at-home mom.

How are you balancing Poshing, self-care, and family?

How I manage to Poshmark through this pandemic while taking care of myself, my boys, my house and husband Karl is by working closely to a set schedule. This schedule has not changed much except for Ian being homeschooled due to the mandatory school closure. Every morning after Karl leaves for work, it’s just me and the three boys. During the day, I break everything into small time gaps. I pull and package my inventory from the previous day’s sales early while the three boys are still sleeping. Before the pandemic, I would pull inventory after dropping Ian off at school. During George and Ben’s daily naps, I list the inventory from the previous night’s measuring and picturing session. Sourcing is done when my family is available to help watch the boys. When Karl returns home, it’s family time, so Poshmark is put on hold through the afternoon. Karl and I take time after dinner to catch up on the events from the day and watch TV. Once the boys are in bed, it’s me time. I take advantage of the quiet house to list and measure inventory, so that during the little ones naps the next day I can list.

How are you dealing with some of the tougher questions they’re asking? (i.e. Why they aren’t going to school or why they can’t see their friends?)

Ian’s been pretty understanding of the world health situation but misses his friends at school. We are working with his teacher on using a platform that they can all live chat and interact in. Currently, Ian is using a website that allows him to chat with his classmate and that is already helping with not seeing his friends every day. Ian’s been asking to mail letters to his friends and that is something we are currently working on. 

What are some ways you are practicing self-care?

Self-care is very important, and I make sure to take a little bit of ME time every day. I usually use this time to get reselling tasks done or fold laundry. On a weekly basis, I make sure to give myself a mini home spa session. I give myself a facial, or take a nice long bath, or just sit in a room quietly by myself. 

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