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Growing up, many of us dream about building our dream home and that’s exactly what Chelsea Mohrman did with her own in Worthington, Ohio. We asked Chelsea all about her amazing #PoshHome closet, interior design expertise and tips for those starting out with home listings. Read on to learn more about her unique home listings.

When did your passion for interior design begin?
Both of my aunts and my mother are interior designers so my passion pretty much started when I came out of the womb! I remember being a toddler going to model homes before they were open to the public with my aunts on design trips. Or browsing through paint chips and fabric swatches in the basement. When I was in elementary school I would rip apart my mom’s catalogs and magazines and created a giant “paper doll house” in 2D that would be “my future house” with clippings of bedrooms, living rooms, etc.

How would you describe your home interior style?
I like to think of it as “comfortable chic.” I love vintage and modern items. I also love some very intricate feminine touches here and there. But most of all I want my home to feel comfortable and inviting. I like cozy textures and warm neutrals but also love a pop of color here and there.

How did you get started on Poshmark?
I’ve been selling vintage home goods in person for some time and a lot of my Instagram followers were asking if/when I would start selling online. Poshmark was the perfect opportunity to trial online sales. It has worked out really well for me and I usually upload new items weekly!

Who are your inspirations inside the interior design world?
I love Emily Henderson and Leanne Ford for sure. But one of my favorite ways of gaining inspiration is to visit creative spots around my city. Sometimes nothing beats the feel of an amazingly well designed coffee shop or cute boutique.

What are 3 interior design tips you can share?

  1. Take your time when decorating. It is a process and you should enjoy the process of finding the right pieces, not rushing to “get it done.”
  2. Buy secondhand first! I am a big proponent of this. First off, it’s environmentally friendly but second off it’s cheaper and you often find pieces that will last longer with much more character!
  3. If you love it, leave it. If there is something you are absolutely in love with, decorate around that object. Figure out a way to keep it. If you don’t love it, don’t bother with it. Life is too busy to have items taking up space that you don’t love!

What’s the most treasured piece of decor in your home?
My vintage rugs. I have a red one that I scored for $20 at a local estate sale and it has amazing texture and patina. I often use it in my kitchen as a runner but every now and then I move it around. I just love it so much, I don’t know that I will ever be able to let go of it!

“Buy second hand first! I am a big proponent of this. First off, it’s environmentally friendly but second off it’s cheaper and you often find pieces that will last longer with much more character!”

What is one home piece you think is worth the investment?
A quality sofa. It needs to look nice as the focal point of the room and also provide comfort since it’s where we might spend a few hours each day. I also feel the same about a great bed/mattress!

What tips do you have for someone that wants to sell home items on Poshmark?
Curate a good collection of useful yet beautiful pieces. Function makes a big difference in sales. If it’s pretty to look at but an item is just a knick knack then it’s less likely to sell. I love selling vintage kitchen tools, storage items, etc. that provide beautiful form and function.

What tips do you have in styling home decor items images for Poshmark listings?
Start with a white airy background, add some greenery and keep the item you’re selling the focal point of the shoot.

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