7 Things You Need to Organize Your Home

New year, new goals! If one of your New Year’s resolutions was to elevate your home space, this blog post is for you. Get ready to make 2020 your most organized year yet with our top 7 home organizational tips.

1. Use Space-Saving Hangers

Matching velvet hangers are a must when it comes to tidying your closet. It’s the perfect solution for those hard-to-hang items that are always slipping off your old plastic hangers. Not only are they slip resistant but they also save space in your closet and make it look less cluttered.
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2. Stay Chic and Organized with Acrylic Organizers

If you’re short on drawer space but don’t want to clutter your vanity or desk, look to acrylic containers that instantly make any mess look presentable. Store everything from makeup to pens in this chic take on home organization.
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3. Create Structure in Your Drawers

When it comes to keeping your drawers organized, the key is to group your items by category. Drawer organizers can be extremely useful to keep any drawer in your house clutter free and give every item a designated space, plus they make finding specific items so much easier.
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4. Airtight Storage Containers

If your cabinets are overflowing with boxes and bags of food supplies, you’re in major need of some airtight storage containers. These clear containers are great to keep track of what you have already in your pantry AND they’re satisfying to look at (have you seen Khloe Kardshian’s pantry?! Next level!). Go the extra mile and label your containers so you know where everything is at the exact moment you need it.
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5. Diversify your Closet Space

Keeping your closet organized is no easy task, that’s where hanging closet organizers come to the rescue. Put the the dead space in your closet to use by adding additional storage for larger items such as purses, sweaters and towels.
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6.Use Magazine Holders as Storage Trays

Contrary to popular opinion, magazine holders aren’t strictly for magazines! Use these for storage in your pantry, bathroom or even to hide cable boxes. The possibilities are endless thanks to these versatile containers.
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7.Throw it in the basket

Baskets are the perfect option to organize your bedroom, living room and bathroom in a stylish way. Large baskets are good for organizing throw blankets in your living room or even used as a hamper.  Smaller sectional baskets are perfect for organizing smaller items; try using one as a catchall for your phone, keys, and wallet in your entryway. 
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