Star Wars Style: This is the Way

The Star Wars franchise is one of the most beloved movie series in popular culture, spanning over four decades. First released in 1977, the films have action, romance, and quite frankly some of the best-dressed leading men we’ve ever seen. With the release of the final episode, Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker on the horizon, we revisited episodes I – VIII and rounded up our favorite looks.

Not only is Luke Skywalker the most famous Star Wars characters of all time, he’s also one of the most stylish. While he may be the savior of the galaxy, we also see Skywalker as an undiscovered hypebeast—who could easily have been the face of the Yeezy Desert Boot campaign. With his monochromatic uniform and desert-esque aesthetic, Skywalker’s signature look is on trend. We picture Skywalker in something versatile for Jedi training, like Fear of God cargo pants. To keep things simple, Skywalker could finish his look with a piece from Stone Island. 

Recreate Luke Skywalker’s look to watch the movie or to wait in line for the next Supreme drop by shopping these trends:

Han Solo is known as a smuggler turned hero, but we considered him an entrepreneur who hustled his way out of Corellia—and a stylish one at that. His classic look pairs blue bottoms with a white top and signature vest, the modern day midtown uniform. Today, he’d likely pair  blue chinos with a Banana Republic henley before completing his look with a Patagonia vest. 

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While Kylo Ren (formerly Ben Solo) may have been Skywalker’s former apprentice, they don’t actually have much in common aside from their mastery of the force. Ren is focused on his ultimate goal of ruling the galaxy, not on what he’s wearing—which is why he’s got such an effortless, cool vibe. We see Ren as a student of Rick Owens, the modern day master of being cool while not caring. He’d likely wear a parka or trench coat, paired with combat boots from the same designer. We picture Ren wearing his statement pieces with All Saints pants to balance out the look, so he can get back to his main goal: being the Supreme Leader of the Dark Side. 

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Poe Dameron, the daring rebel pilot, has a get-down-to-business style. Taking his skills to the sky, Dameron is too busy fighting against the First Order to be bothered to change out of his jumpsuit. That’s why we picture him in Dickies, fitting right in with the Resistance or the Fairfax District of Los Angeles. Since Dickies, the iconic workwear brand, now collaborates with streetwear powerhouses, we’re sure that Dameron could wear the brand from head to toe.

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Finn is the former stormtrooper who rebelled against the First Order. Not only did he fight for his own freedom, he also helped free Resistance prisoner, Poe Dameron. We see Finn as a classic hero with an edge. Today, he could be the face of a Levi’s campaign as his look personifies their classic brand heritage. Let’s be honest, he’d likely pair his signature denim jeans with a statement leather jacket, just like the one he received from Poe.

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  1. So many GREAT LOOKS !! LOVING IT..May the Force be with us All in this New Year 2020. The force of High Selling, and High Profit.

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  3. this is grea! so spot on!! and actually super stylish! and @saguarostyle loving the mandalorian as well! very similar to clone wars in the sense that there are a lot of side stories as the plot progresses!

    1. @saguarostyle same! All these looks are classic. I’m about to get my bf some “Han Solo” henleys.

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