Style This: Bar Carts

You saw us style coffee tables and now Team Posh’s decor skills are being put to the ultimate test as they put a personal and creative spin on bar cart styling! Take your bar carts to the next level with the styles below.

Emily (@gremilyy)

How would you describe your bar cart style? 
Expressive/Fun. I love to incorporate pieces that scream “me”! Your bar cart is a great night waiting to happen, and the accessories should help to add to the fun. I’m also a huge sucker for all things copper/rose gold. 

Tell us about your favorite item on the bar cart.
My disco ball sipper is my favorite statement piece. Functional for no spills, but also shiny for the overall aesthetic. Fun fact: I drank out of it at my wedding!

Elenita (@elhopkins)

How would you describe your bar cart style? 
Elegant, inspired by mid-century style.

What’s a trick/tip for styling? 
Don’t be afraid to mix modern and vintage elements.

Tell us about the items on your bar cart.
The stemware is from my parents’ wedding almost 45 years ago (people just don’t give gifts like that anymore)! The travel books are ones I picked up at the Louis Vuitton exhibit in Los Angeles; I hope to own the whole collection one day.

Amanda (@theamandaweiss)

What’s your tip for styling?
Just like an amazing cocktail, your bar cart needs the perfect balance—one part fashion and one part function. Start with your staple bottles (mine are wine, champagne, vodka and a specialty liquor like Aperol) and then play with glassware, unique shakers like my pineapple one here, straws, and mixology books. Then add pieces with pizzazz that represent your style like art prints, metallic decor pieces, and coasters. I always like to update these seasonally to change it up. 

If you were a cocktail what would you be and why?
A spicy margarita with a Tajín rim because it’s packed with flavor— a little spicy, a little sweet, super sassy and you know you’re going to have a good time when you drink it!

Sera (@seramaria)

How would you describe your bar cart style?
Accessible yet elevated. I think of a bar cart like an accessory, it’s not a total necessity but it adds personality to any space!

What are your go-to items for styling a bar cart?
A few variations of glassware and copper mugs, Pellegrino bottles (in addition to the boozy bottles) and decorative straws. I even like to incorporate elements of seasonal decor throughout the year when appropriate so it feels festive.

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