Posh Tip: 5 Merchandising Ideas To Make This Holiday Season Your Best Yet


It’s time to spread that holiday cheer to buyers everywhere with these seasonal tips. Keep this in mind to help you make those sales and get your items out the door! 

1. Spice up your closet with a holiday themed banner and Covershots.

Give buyers something to smile about when they’re shopping your closet—add a holiday themed banner for some flair. If you’re feeling a little extra (in the best way, of course) switch up those Covershots by adding some ribbon, ornaments, or other festive props around your items.

2. Feature the most relevant and gift-worthy items at the top of your closet.

Lock in those holiday sales by merchandising the items at the top of your closet (what potential buyers will see first!) To do this, share the items you want to appear at the top!

3. Package your sales as presents! Provide gift wrapping as an added incentive for buyers.

Make your closet your one-stop shop for gifting! Give your #PoshPackages a seasonal makeover by adding in tissue paper, bows or gift tags. Adding personal touches can truly make the shopping experience memorable. P.S. Download some free Posh Holiday printables here.

4. Stock your closet with top selling brands.

If you got them, list them! Turn your closet into a gifting destination by listing top selling brands like Ugg, The North Face and more. Head to our Most In-Demand Gifts of the Season blog post to get the scoop.

5. Be as descriptive as possible

Give shoppers a clear description of the listing. When crafting a description, think about how you would describe the item if shoppers couldn’t see it. Posh Tip: when your listing’s description contains more than 100 words, the likelihood of a sale increases by 40%.

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