Posh Tip: 3 Ways to Increase Your Closet’s Visibility This Holiday Season


Updated November 2020

Looking for ways to get your listings in front of potential buyers? Follow these tips to create more opportunities to match your items with buyers’ searches and improve your placement in Poshmark search results.

1. The proof is in the listing details.

Make sure to enrich your listing details to maximize your closet’s exposure. How exactly does one “enrich?” It’s simple: 

  • Make sure your titles are descriptive. Instead of “leather handbag,” boost your title with more details such as brand name, material, style name, etc. A title like, “Black Leather Gucci Marmont Crossbody Bag” is more descriptive, and more importantly more searchable. Did you know including 4-5 words in your title increases your chances of a sale by 60%?
  • Put your best photo forward (and take advantage of the multiple photo options by showing off all angles). Covershots, or the main photo of your listing, are the first thing a potential buyer sees as they’re browsing Poshmark search results. Capture your item in multiple angles and include those photos as well. Listings with more than 4 photos are 70% more likely to sell! 
  • Mention the brand name. Don’t skip on dropping the brand name. Letting your potential buyers know what brand your item increases the likelihood of its sale by a whopping 110%.

2. Participate in promo days.

Joining in on promo days means offering discounted or free shipping to buyers and gaining closet exposure. What does that equal? More sales. Plus an added benefit, for every Make a Deal Days and Love or List Challenge, you’re entered to win awesome prizes just for participating. Get the details on the three types of promo days we offer:

  • Closet Clear Out: Offer (and market!) free and fast shipping to put your buyers at ease. During Closet Clear Out, lower your prices by at least 10%, and Likers get an email with the price drop notification AND discounted shipping (on us!). 
  • Make a Deal Days: Make sales and be entered to win BIG when you use Offer to Likers. Drop your price by at least 10% and choose a shipping discount. We’ll send your offer to everyone who has liked the listing—plus, you’ll be automatically entered to win hourly prizes!
  • Love or List Challenge: If you don’t love it, it’s time to list it! From last season’s looks to giftable finds, take part in this challenge and automatically be entered to win big.

Posh Tip: Using the Price Drop feature on a promo day increases your chance of making a sale by 80-90%. 

3. Source your inventory with holiday buyers in mind.

Think about what you’d shop for during the holidays. Stocking your closet with NWT items or non-sized items makes it instantly shoppable for gifts. Adding seasonal items to your closet helps you appear in relevant searches (both on Poshmark and search engines) thus increasing your visibility and shoppability.  

Posh Tip: The Trend Report, Issue 02 has everything you need to know to help you make informative business decisions while sourcing inventory!

4. Tell your (Posh) Story

Use Posh Stories to bring your listings to life. During PoshFest 2020, Posher, @evolvingalways, mentioned she takes advantage of Posh Stories to advertise what’s for sale in her closet and further drive potential buyers there.

Keep these three tips in mind this holiday season to make sure your closet gets the most visibility possible! 

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