Your Go-To Home Style Glossary

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With the exciting addition of Home on Poshmark, amazing finds transcend the closet and now can make their way to your living spaces. This guide dives into popular interior design styles to help you add some HGTV-worthy flair to your listing descriptions and define the styles you love to make shopping for home on Poshmark that much easier. 



Riffing off a bohemian interior design style means creating a personalized and bold atmosphere. The word ‘bohemian’ refers to a socially unconventional person who is often involved in the arts. This style captures visuals and combines them with a relaxed spirit.

Defining characteristics:
Textures, creative art paintings, rustic finishes, global accents,  bold colors and patterns

Must-have pieces:  Textured pillows, candle lanterns, patterned sofas, woven chairs, wood accents, vintage rugs, lanterns, tapestries, floor lamps, floor pillows, and pouf ottomans



Whether you live near the coast or just daydream about ocean breezes coming through your window, there is nothing like an airy neutral to give you that beachside bungalow coastal feel.

Defining characteristics:
Neutral color schemes, stripes, hints of blue, woven wicker, indigo tones, seashell or mother of pearl accents

Must-have pieces: Neutral sofas, neutral linens, blue throw pillows, wicker accents, sheer curtains, wall art, nautical-inspired art



Looking for bold meets minimal? Then contemporary is meant for you. Contemporary spaces are a combination of modern and minimalist styles. These spaces have clean lines and strong shapes. 

Defining characteristics: Clean lines, minimal adornment, high contrast and neutral color schemes, open floor plan, bold accents and hues, polished fixtures, sculptural shapes

Must-have pieces: Globe pendant lighting, concrete coffee tables, touches of greenery, glass vases, contemporary artwork, printed pillows



Farmhouse decor style is known for its appreciation for historic and vintage American times. Set the tone with neutral color palettes, weathered furniture, and industrial accents.

Defining characteristics: Reclaimed wood, open shelves, farmhouse tables, antique wall decor, weathered frames, industrial metal

Must-have pieces: Slipcovered chairs, pottery, vintage rugs, wicker baskets, mason jars, reclaimed wood decor, fresh flowers, antique wall clocks



When it comes to glam, the more sophisticated and glamorous the better! Each piece of decor and furniture feels elevated and luxurious. With pops of bold gold finishes and luxe materials, these spaces will have you feeling glam.

Defining characteristics: Contrasting colors, chandeliers, wallpaper, velvet fabrics, dramatic crown moulding, high ceilings, polished wood and chrome

Must-have pieces: Starburst mirrors, gold accents, patterned headboard, gold throw pillows, geometric rugs, large mirrors, curved couch, chrome bar cart



Industrial interiors give off a raw sophisticated edge. This design style embodies a utilitarian appeal; think exposed materials and dark tones.

Defining characteristics: Worn leather, exposed brick, metal, concrete flooring, exposed pipework, dark tones

Must-have pieces: Leather couch, edgy art, scented candles, exposed metal lamps, dark rug, black and white photos, old road signs

Mid-century Modern


Mid-century modern pays tribute to clean lines, bright colors, and geometric patterns. The furniture from this design era is best characterized by an Eames-style chair.

Defining characteristics:
Eames-style furniture, geometric patterns, clean lines, natural wood, graphic patterns, bold colors 

Must-have pieces: Tulip table, coffee table books, gold accents, egg chair, graphic posters, minimal greenery, magazines



Less is always more with a minimalist interior style. Set the perfect minimalist feel with clean lines and monochromatic tones.

Defining characteristics:
Open floor plan, neutral surfaces, white walls, touches of wood

Must-have pieces: Black and white art, bright greenery, coffee tables, simple rugs, coffee table books, monochromatic throw pillows, wood accents



Modern style looks to clean lines, strong architecture, and minimal feel for its definition. Elevate your home with a modern crisp look that will leave you and your guests in awe. 

Defining characteristics: Neutral colors, flat surfaces, minimal texture, strong lines, warm textures, sleek silhouettes

Must-have pieces: Streamlined couch, womb chairs, bright throw pillows, wall mirrors, geometric lighting, modern artwork or photography, sculptural wood, ceramic pieces, neutral rugs with texture



A rustic style takes on the rugged feel of a cozy cabin connecting to a reminiscent past and nature. Bring in that natural beauty with weathered materials, earthy tones and textured fabrics.  

Defining characteristics: Finished wood, distressed metal, exposed wood, rough-hewn beams, weathered material, warm earthy colors

Must-have pieces:
Candle lanterns, pottery, quilts, antlers, cow-hide rugs, pottery exposed metal decor, textured rugs



With Scandinavian style, it’s all about combining the modern aesthetic style in combination with a refreshing take on minimalism. Keep it real simple with bright whites, light-colored wood in tables and furniture legs to give it that airy feeling.

Defining characteristics: Open spaces, neutral upholsteries, light and bright white walls, organic shapes

Must-have pieces: Neutral throw pillows, throw blankets, wood accents, minimal art pieces, bentwood ottoman, minimal accents, wool rugs, green plants, knitted throw, sculptural candlesticks

Shabby Chic


Shabby chic decor is all about making it personal, relaxed and effortless. When it comes to making your home shabby chic make sure you let your imagination run free by incorporating a variety of art and mismatched decor.

Defining characteristics: Floral patterns, pastels, mismatched pieces, whitewashed wood, comfortable fabrics, weathered wood

Must-have pieces: Knit throw blanket, slipcovered sofa, vintage coffee table books, vintage rugs, picture frames, tufted ottomans, leather chairs



From antique furnishings to artful accessories you can never go wrong with the classic traditional home design. Give your space that timeless look with traditional furniture, framed art, and oriental rugs.

Defining characteristics: Curved lines, ceiling moldings, antique chandeliers, detailed work, textured surfaces, refined furnishings

Must-have pieces: Linen drapery, wood chairs, tile flooring, overstuffed couch, coffee table, vases, antique furnishes, skirted pieces, old-fashioned sofa




A transitional style takes on the traditional design framework and mixes it with contemporary. This style combines the elegance and harmony with simple silhouettes and neutral flooring. 

Defining characteristics: Textural touches, clean lines, toned-down color palettes, rich woods, silver metalwork, warm neutrals, neutral flooring, minimal accents

Must-have pieces: Silver accents, simple chandelier, accent lamp, abstract art, neutral throw pillows, neutral throw blankets, hide rug, potted orchids, cashmere throw, contemporary artwork, glass lamps

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