How to Prep for PoshFest 2019


The countdown to PoshFest 2019 has officially begun (we know, we can’t believe it either). With only t-minus 3 weeks until it’s time to head down to Phoenix, Arizona for our BIGGEST PoshFest yet, we’ve compiled our official guide on how to prep for the big event. Follow these tips and you’ll be prepped for the best PoshFest weekend!

the basics

  • Self Care
    The days leading up to PoshFest are kind of like the days before your favorite holiday or a big vacation. Restless nights due to excitement are a common side effect (trust us, we experience this too!). But let’s face it, getting a good night’s rest, drinking lots of water, and taking time for yourself is the key to success! So make sure to bank some sleep before and during, because being well-rested will give you all the energy you need to get the most out of PoshFest!
  • Weather Check
    Here’s the official PoshFest weather report: while things will be heating up in Phoenix with temperatures in the 90s, be sure to wear light layers during the day in case the AC is blasting. 
  • Make the Most of the Content
    Now that the PoshFest agenda and speakers are finally out, you can get a better sense of which panels and breakout sessions are of most interest to you and which ones you can’t miss so you can optimize your time. Set a few main goals throughout the two days you’re at PoshFest and outline what you want to learn, who you want to see, and what you hope to take away from your experience! *Also pro tip: you get to pick your own Posh adventure for the breakout sessions each day, take a look and select one for each time block and if you miss something swap your notes with your PFFs!

what to wear

  • Be Yourself & Show Off Your #PoshStyle
    There’s no style better than your own style. And if you scored some show-off worthy items on Poshmark, now is the time to rock those finds! Show off your personal #PoshStyle and make a statement.
  • Comfort is Key
    Just like any conference, you can expect long (but rewarding) days and full schedules, so comfort is key. Dress in an outfit that you’ll be comfortable spending all day in, and don’t forget to wear shoes that were made for walking.
  • Make an Entrance
    We end PoshFest with the ultimate Posh Party and this is your time to shine! Whether you wear sequins, a suit or want to keep it casual in some denim or sneakers, come dressed ready to make memories…added bonus expect to dance the night away and have all the fun!

what to bring

  • Stay Charged
    Whether you’re using your phone to take notes on all the great panels or are taking selfies with your PFFs, your phone is an absolute essential. We know how fast your battery can drain so bringing a portable charger is always a good idea. But no worries if not, there will be various charging stations that will help you re-charge and re-boot for the rest of the day!
  • Hands-Free Accessories
    Having a bag that makes it easier to be hands-free throughout PoshFest is definitely the way to go. We recommend a crossbody bag, backpack, or belt bag to fulfill all the content wants and needs you’ll want to capture!
  • Take Note
    With all the amazing speakers and panels taking place this year, you won’t want to miss out on all the insight and PoshTips that will be shared. Jotting down everything you’ve learned in the notebooks included in this year’s swag bags is a great idea! Bonus points if you share what you’ve learned on social media for those who can’t attend. Sharing is caring, right?!  
  • Business Cards
    Are you ready to NetWERK?! This is the biggest opportunity of the year to meet others in the Poshmark community IRL and make long lasting connections. Bring plenty of business cards that you can hand out. We suggest including your name, Poshmark closet name, and social media handles at the very least!

what to expect

  • Pre-Registration
    Want to get ahead of the game and have access to the conference with no line? There will be an early registration opportunity to pick up everything you need for the weekend at the Hyatt on the second floor from 3:00pm – 6:30pm on Thursday, October 3rd. *Note: Swag bags can be picked up first thing on the first official day of PoshFest!
  • LIVE from PoshFest
    Can’t make it to PoshFest but don’t want to miss out? Be there in spirit and subscribe to our YouTube channel, that’s where we’ll be livestreaming select panels.  
  • Posh Party Transportation
    For all Posh Party attendees, there will be a shuttle located at the Hyatt from 8pm to midnight making rounds every 15 minutes to and from the PoshFest Posh Party location, the Duce. Be sure to wear your PoshFest wristband for shuttle entry and don’t forget you must be 21+ to attend the Posh Party so bring your ID.
  • Trend Report Live: PoshFest Edition
    Tune into our Trend Report Live: PoshFest Edition on Facebook Live with our resident Team Posh hosts, Kate & Amanda, to be in the know of the hottest trends we’re expecting to see throughout the weekend, PLUS get a sneak peek of the PoshFest venue.
  • Connect with Attendees
    Use the official hashtag #PoshFest2019 to connect with attendees before the event. Also be sure to use this hashtag on all your social posts during PoshFest weekend to share the fun and #PoshTips with your followers! P.S. you can also join our official Facebook event page to connect with your future PFFs, too. 


  • Stop by Booths from our Sponsors
    Be sure to check out booths at the event from our sponsors: Endicia, Dymo, and USPS (we hear there just may be some exciting giveaways going on!)

Special thank you from participating sponsors Califia Farms, Sticker Mule, noissue, and Simply Gum!

Want even more info? Find out what’s in store for PoshFest! Check out the agenda now.

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