Style This: Coffee Tables


Coffee table styling is such a thing! The art of arranging coffee tables gives you a fun way to add personality to the living room. From candles to coffee table books, we asked Team Posh to recreate their favorite coffee table arrangements.


Glo (@glo)

What’s your tip for styling?
Play around with different shapes and layers! Things don’t always need to be symmetrical.

Tell us about some items on your coffee table.
Chanel is such an iconic fashion house that I love so the coffee table book is a must! Adding crystals and the energy they bring help me feel more relaxed in my home, too.


Chau (@chauderr)

How would you describe your coffee table style?
Modern rustic

What’s your tip for styling?
Start by finding a bottle of scotch that you love then look for items that will compliment the color of the scotch!

What’s your go-to item for styling a coffee table?
A good coffee table book. Whisky Rising is like a Japanese whisky bible and is a great conversation starter as well as a source for fantastic cocktails.


Joey (@mr_bordi)

What better way to keep things together than a tray? Joey placed his coffee books and topped it off with a perfect set of flowers to tie the whole look together.

What’s a trick/tip for styling?
I love all things in a pair! Having a set of something, lamps, pictures, etc. can help add balance and consistency within the design. Also, fresh flowers help tie an entire look together!

Tell us about one or two of your items on the coffee table!
One of my all-time favorite flea market finds are the pair of vintage silver balls. I spotted them across a different aisle and ran for them! Second favorite item is a silk-wrapped Hermes book. My most cherished possession I own!


Niveen (@nivniv423)

How would you describe your coffee table style?
Airy aesthetics yet a contemporary design  

What’s your go-to item for styling a coffee table?
This blue/green vase is a piece I like to use to incorporate color into my coffee table. The color reminds me of the ocean water and who wouldn’t want to be reminded of the beach every day? 


Tiffany (@cheztiffany)

What’s your tip for styling?
Less is more.

What’s your go-to item for styling a coffee table?
A vase with dried flowers.

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