How To Wear White After Labor Day


“Can I wear white after Labor Day?” The question we’ve all asked ourselves at one point in time. A fashion faux pas or a Fall must? The debate surrounding what you can and can’t wear after September 2nd is one we are going to put an end to once and for all. Forget having to bury your white denim and ivory dresses. Incorporate the fresh color in your wardrobe year-round! Because after all, fashion has no rules! 

Read on to get all the inspo and shop some of our favorite fresh white items: 

Blazers & Jackets

Denim jacket@0,75x Oversized Blazer@0,75x utility jacket@0,75x white blazer@0,75x

Blazers & Jackets: White blazers and jackets bring a crisp and clean element to any outfit and are a perfect transitional piece to add to your wardrobe from Summer to Fall.

Bottoms & Jumpsuits

white jeans@0,75x white pants@0,75x jumpsuit@0,75x overalls@0,75x

Bottoms & Jumpsuits: Winter white is here to stay with these party pants and jumpsuits. As the weather starts to feel a little more cool, these items will surely do the trick and keep you warm.


mules@0,75x white booties@0,75x dr mart@0,75x converse@0,75x

Shoes: While we can’t promise blister-free feet, we can promise these white shoes – everything from mules, booties, and sneakers will complete any outfit no matter the season or occasion.

top handle@0,75x Bucket bag@0,75x Rebecca mink@0,75x crossbody@0,75x

Handbags & Accessories: Adding white accessories can add that pop of something extra you’ve been looking or it can be the perfect neutral accessory, the limits are endless!

Men’s Clothing & Accessories

crewneck@0,75x joggers@0,75x stan smith@0,75x gym@0,75x

Men’s Clothing & Accessories: Guys, don’t think we forgot about you! The white after Labor Day guide applies to you too! So grab and rock fresh white sneakers or a crisp ivory sweater!

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