Poshmark City Guide: Washington, D.C.

Local Poshers know how to pledge allegiance to their city and we can see why.


Get yourself a souvenir from the nation’s capital:

  • Willow (843 Upshur Street Northwest)
    Located in the heart of Washington DC, Willow is your one-stop shop for unique gifts, clothing pieces, or accessories.
  • Violet (1924 8th St. Northwest)
    Opened in 2011, Violet has continued to help the women of D.C. find their personal style and on-trend looks.
  • relish (3312 Cady’s Alley Northwest)
    If you’re feeling like treating yourself, head to the luxury boutique, relish, featuring designers such as Dries van Noten, Aspesi, Calvin Klein, and more.  
  • Made in DC (Multiple Locations)
    If you want items made right in DC, this is the store for you! This store showcases local and talented DC designers, artists, and makers. 


Coffee + pastries. Name a better duo.

  • Compass Coffee (1351 Wisconsin Ave NW)
    “A locally owned coffee brewery that’s nitro cold-brew is not to be missed. Airy and spacious inside, you can stay awhile or take your caffeine to go. Boasting eight locations across the city, it’s a must stop shop before jumping back into go-mode,”says @kateegreene.
  • The Royal (501 Florida Ave NW)
    Talk a walk on the historic U Street, “the heart of DC culture both past and present.” Once you’re done, pull yourself a chair and order a cortado and guava pastry to relax!  
  • La Colombe Coffee (924 N St NW)
    La Colombe was founded on the premise, “America Deserves Better Coffee.” With that, founders Todd Carmichael and JP Iberti worked together to bring “an elevated coffee experience.”

Honorable Mentions: Tryst, Swings Coffee, Peregrine Espresso


Grab your PFFs and gear up for a night out!

  • Capo Italian Deli (715 Florida Ave NW)
    On the outside, it looks completely inconspicuous. Don’t be deceived by the deli shop storefront. Once you’re done there, you may want to check out the speakeasy downstairs!
  • The LINE DC (1770 Euclid St NW)
    “Housed inside a 110-year-old beautifully restored church transformed into a gorgeous and highly social hotel that is also pup-friendly! A product of a vibrant community effort by local chefs, bartenders, artists, and designers, this richly rounded hotel is more than meets the eye. List all day from the lounge, where you will likely spot local influencers moving in and out of its main doors before stretching your legs and then moving on to lunch (bellinis included!) with your PFF,” says @kateegreene.
  • Union Market (1309 5th St NE)
    What’s better than eating great food and supporting small businesses? This open warehouse has been completely transformed into a place where you can literally spend your entire day. Pace yourself on the delicious food!  

Honorable Mentions: The Park at 14th, Blackwall Hitch, Virtue Feed & Grain, Old Ebbit Grill, The Turn House, Clyde’s, The Gibson, Denson Liquor Bar, Busboys and Poets


So many restaurants to choose from, so little time!

  • Haikan (805 V St NW)
    The best RAMEN! There are lots of ramen options all over the city, but Haikan is definitely my favorite because the atmosphere is hip, drinks are great, and the ramen is the most authentic!” says @phantombae.
  • Ben’s Chilli Bowl (Multiple locations)
    Several Poshers gave this restaurant a special mention. We love a city staple and this one is it! Ben’s stood through all historic moments taken place in Washington D.C. It’s a wonder what this place has seen!
  • Le Diplomate (1601 14th St NW)
    A nod to French cafes with delicious French classics at an affordable price point.
  • Maketto (1351 H St NE)
    “Quite possibly, the coolest restaurant and hang-out in the city. This communal marketplace focused on menswear (think the Men’s and the new Kicks Market on Poshmark) and featuring a modern/minimal attitude is co-located with one of the tastiest dim-sum restaurants in the city,” says @kateegreene.

Honorable Mentions: Ben’s Chili Bowl, Founding Farmer’s, Royal Taj, Sushi Sono, Del Ray Cafe, Lena’s Wood-Fired Pizza & Tap, Ambar, Timber Pizza Company, Dukem Ethiopian Restaurant, Iron Gate, TigerFork


  • “The nation’s capital! Home to the president, Congress, and all major political decisions in the country. DC is fast-moving with a highly transient population. The DC vibe is very business-oriented. Here, we work hard and party harder.” – @phantombae

  • “DC is known for politics globally, however, DC has a vibrant culture and rhythm outside of politics. From Go-go to the arts to independent brands to quality free museums and history, D.C. is an awesome city with so much soul.” – @clrdgrlshffl

  • “Old Town [has an amazing] casual vibe but with lots of hidden gems as well as regular haunts too. Then you have Del Ray with its equally cool spots and the ever famous Stomping Ground! And history! Can we talk about the Masonic Temple, the Free Trolley rides the length of King Street and a ghost tour? C’mon now!” – @cloeseditrerun

  • “When most people think of DC, they think of the government and politics. It’s true those are two major aspects of DC, but there’s also a whole other world within DC that has nothing to do with what you see on the national news. There’s an incredible sense of community within the neighborhoods, fantastic local businesses (especially food!), and great people. If you visit, venture beyond the National Mall and explore some of the residential areas – there’s some amazing food to be found!” – @carpediemstyle

THE ESSENTIALSIcons_Insta Spots 

BRB, making a checklist of what we’ll need to pack:

  • An umbrella
  • Prepare for the beach (swimsuit is a must)
  • A metro guide
  • Blotting papers (the humidity is killer!)
  • Belt bag for a hands-free experience

Thank you to @phantombae, @4_u_head2_toe, @hildaarchstar, @clrdgrlshffl, @closeditrerun, @carpediemstyle, @coffeerocknta2s, and @kateegreene  for contributing to the Washington, D.C. Guide.

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