#PoshMomsRock: Balancing Poshmark and Motherhood: Find What Works Best for You

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Hi! I am Bel, a mother of two with another little bun in the oven and I am proud to say that I am a Posh Mom! My journey has been incredible and I am truly blessed in calling myself such!

I started back in 2015 and little did I know that one woman’s disappointment (who wouldn’t be at the sight of some gorgeous new Kurt Geiger Heels, but just 3 sizes bigger) was another woman’s treasure. I sold a little here and there out of my own closet and somehow I snowballed to selling boutique shoes. I was able to get amazing deals and make some profit. All the income I generated through Poshmark was a nice little side chunk for bills and extra spending money, as I was able to contribute about $1000 monthly to my household. I must add, that once I took my time to LEARN AND STUDY Poshmark back in March of 2018 by God’s grace, I began bringing in about $5000 monthly with my boutique items!

Unfortunately, November 2018 was a life-changing month for me. Due to an unfortunate, but not out of God’s hands, event, I became a single mother. God has truly blessed me and my children through Poshmark!


It has become my sole source of income and I am so blessed to be able to work from home at my own pace. Being pregnant and a homeschooling mom is no easy task. Poshmark has allowed me to continue homeschooling and to be the sole caretaker of my children through this dark season of our life. God has been so gracious to provide just what we need through Posh. My kids need their mother, and I need them, all the while being the breadwinner. Sure, there are days when sales slow down, so I must work a little harder and think strategically as to what can increase my sales. I also have days that sales just roll in and I can relax a little bit more and enjoy the scenery. I call myself a #PoshBoss because that’s what I am! I am my own boss, I make my own hours, and rules. HOW AMAZING IS THAT? Juggling kids and a business is hard, but doable with Poshmark. Also, my kids have learned a lot about business and help out with packaging, sticking on labels, and dropping off orders at the post office. Poshmark has allowed us to grow closer as we all work together on this journey.


Most mornings consist of me and my 5-year-old preparing orders while taking breaks from his school work. I then have them ready for drop-off after picking up my eldest from school. Then, she makes the run into the post office and drops them off. I’m always available to answer my buyer’s questions, accept offers, counters, basically manage my business and I’m also always available to my kids. I have no set hours, as that would just add stress for me, so I do what works for my family and me. That’s the beauty of having your own business. And trust me, it beats leaving my kids behind to go work for someone else for hours on end.

As moms, we also strive to provide the best for our kids and be frugal about it! I have found some amazing deals on Posh, like maternity clothing, and it’s a blessing to know that I am purchasing from another mom who is also providing for her children. It’s a win-win situation. #SupportMommyBusinesses.

To end, I’d like to honor my mother Ana (closet: @bettysa), on this special day. Without her, my Poshmark journey since pregnancy would have been impossible. Having a high-risk pregnancy, my mother has made sure to help me pack when I have too many orders and loads them up in the car for me daily (about 30 or more every Monday). She accompanies me when I go sourcing for new shoe styles for my closet and helps me unload and carry cases of merchandise up my stairs. All the while sacrificing her own Posh time to come help me instead. A mother and her love, what a blessed creation! Happy Mother’s Day, Mom and happy Mother’s Day to all the Posh Moms. May God bless your families and Posh journey!

Closet: @belsattic1
Instagram: @ring_little_bel

4 thoughts on “#PoshMomsRock: Balancing Poshmark and Motherhood: Find What Works Best for You

  1. You are awesome and an inspiration to continue on this posh journey. I lost my husband 2 years ago suddenly making me an only parent. So I share the same journey of trying to be home with them and make some money. Thank you for sharing your story. Hugs!

  2. Yes! God has a plan for everything. I definitely share your sentiments of motherhood, sharing, and fashion. Best wishes, and much love to you and your littles 🙂

  3. First of all Congratulations! I want to know how you sold that much in that time frame? I have sold almost nothing and putting a ton of time into my closet. I was a Power Seller on EBay so I know how to use this form. Any suggestions would be appreciated .Thanks!
    Donna 🌸

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