#PoshMomsRock: How this Mother-Daughter Duo Built Their Own Poshmark Businesses Together

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As part of a three-part series celebrating #PoshMomsRock, three Seller Stylists from the community penned blog posts about their own experiences with Poshmark & motherhood. Read on from our first contributor, @brandnamemomma!

My name is Brittney Salisbury, also known as @brandnamemomma on Poshmark. I downloaded the Poshmark app with my mom, Cherie @poshpdxgigi three and a half years ago. We could have never predicted the path that Poshmark would have led us. It has been far more than we could have ever imagined! Given that we started out at the same time, we were discovering and learning everything about Poshmark together. Hand in hand we taught each other how to navigate the app, post new listings, and connect with a community. We would immediately call each other when one of us would discover a new “trick” in the app or a better/faster way to do something. We would also call one another about every single sale we had in the beginning. In the beginning, celebrating each other’s success was so crucial to our growth. It’s what drove us to sell more and post more!

We attended PoshFest 2016 in Los Angeles together and at his point, we were running out of things in our own closets to sell and wanted to learn more about growing our businesses. Plus it was a great excuse for a girl’s weekend! We learned SO much from all the guest speakers, panels and Poshers. We left so energized about implementing all our new knowledge. Hearing everyone’s stories of how they started out on Poshmark and how they grew their business proved to us that we could do it too. They all empowered both of us to dive in and make it happen! We started thrifting while we were in Los Angeles and haven’t stopped since. We LOVE the thrill of a good find, and we also love thrifting together. Our closets at this point in our journey really started to establish themselves with a large following and good profitability. Perfect motivation to keep working!

A lot has changed since starting out three and a half years ago. We have gone from selling things from our own closets a few times per week to thrifting/sourcing massive amounts of inventory multiple times per week and selling as many as 10 listings per day! We have created our own little businesses that is fueling our passion, happiness, wallets, and relationship. 100% of our own success is because of one another! We learned and encouraged each other every step in the process. If one of us was discouraged from not having a good sales day or any sales for that matter, the other one was there reminding us to be patient and keep working, and the sales will come. If one of us was lacking the energy to get our daily listings posted, the other shows up at the door ready to help. We still call each other multiple times per day sharing the items we sold in our closets, believe it or not! And you better believe we are the first ones in line at our thrift store on 50% off day! We have come to realize that our Poshmark closet followings are different and we each sell different brands better than others. So when we are thrifting, we are finding things for each other’s closets as well as our own. While our closets are technically separate on Poshmark, they truly are a joint effort from both of us.

I am so thankful to be able to be a stay-at-home mom with my two toddlers, but it is the HARDEST job I have ever had. There are days when I don’t think I have it in me to change another dirty diaper, clean up another mess or have the patience to handle another toddler meltdown, but you always find the drive and love to get through it. A big part of my mental sanity, confidence, and happiness is because of Poshmark. It allows me to connect with other adults and be creative through fashion.

Artboard 2Finding an outlet for myself away from my stay-at-home mom identity has been huge for my growth as a mom and person. It has helped me discover that I do need my own passions and hobbies away from my kids and I need to not lose sight of those. Most of my daily work happens during my youngest baby’s naptime. Sandwiched between folding laundry and Daniel Tiger. I love that Poshmark provides me with the flexibility to be present with my toddlers all day and still contribute financially to my family’s bottom line.  

My mom, Cherie, is enjoying pre-retirement life with my dad. They travel very frequently and have lots of adventures. She is able to work from anywhere, anytime on the Poshmark app. She sources inventory whatever city she is in and always comes home with treasures. My mom has also had many health obstacles over the past few years. While she has been recovering from her multiple surgeries, she was able to Posh from her bed. It provided her with positivity and support that truly helped her heal. Poshmark has become a fun hobby for her to have between travel, social engagements and watching grandbabies.

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Just goes to show that my mom and I are at two very different chapters in our lives, yet we still have Poshmark in common. We are able to customize our daily work schedules into our busy ever changing days. Whether it is sharing each other’s closets mid-flight or just outside while the littles are playing, Poshmark keeps us connected to each other and to a supportive community.

To all the moms out there with the desire to start selling on Poshmark, but feel overwhelmed or are already active on Poshmark and want to grow your business,. YOU CAN DO IT! It is up to you on how much you want to sell, how much time you put in, and how much you want to connect with others. Do what works for you and have patience and grace with yourself. The Poshmark community is so supportive and will be cheering you on every step of the way with shares, likes, and love.

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Happy Mother’s Day to all the Posh Mommas out there. We see you, we celebrate you, and we support you. There are no limits to what we can all achieve together! We hope to see you all at PoshFest 2019!

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  1. Great inspirational story and so nice that a Mother and Daughter have found something that they both enjoy!
    How do you share your closet mid-flight?! I would love to use my flight time more wisely🌸
    Stop by my closet @nothing_to_wear and the non-profit closet where I volunteer post and all proceeds from this closet benefit My Women’s
    Resource Center @theuniquecorner

  2. This is awesome & so inspirational! Keep up the great work! 👏🏻👏🏻❤️😁
    Follow me on my journey to creating human connections with my buyers and to smashing my goal of $100k in rev between now and 12/32/2019!!!
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