Posh Party LIVE | Nashville & Dallas Recap



Hats off to you, Nashville & Dallas! 🎉 A huge thank you to all the Seller Stylists who joined us last week in some seriously charming cities. Couldn’t make it this time around? Check out all the highlights below.

Highlights from Nashville

“Try to diversify how you source. Try to find those outlets. Maybe family members, co-workers, or friends! Don’t be scared about what you do because what you do is awesome and incredible.” – @tennesseebelle

“Stay positive. Not every single day on Poshmark is gonna go perfectly planned. The other day, I sold something out of the blue and that’s the thing I love about Poshmark. It’s always selling.” – @queenmumm

Highlights from Dallas

“If you have things like your measurements and all of the details about the product in the description, you’ll minimize the time it’ll actually get sold.” – @karisrenee

“Think about what are all the words somebody can type in the search bar on your time, the keywords essentially, so that if somebody is searching for that item [it’ll show up.]” – @threadheadz

“Once Closet Clear Out rolls around, in the morning, I’ll share again and once more at night. Once you gain that traction, then I’ll stop dropping [prices]. Some of my best sale days have been on Closet Clear Out.” – @wdythrift

Straight from the Attendees

Want to attend Posh Party LIVE? Stay tuned for where we’ll be heading to next!

Check out the photos from the events:
Nashville: Facebook albumPhotobooth
Dallas: Facebook album / Photobooth

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