Posh Party LIVE | Portland & San Diego Recap

We felt the #PoshLove during last week’s Posh Party LIVE! Thanks so much for joining us this past week, Portland & San Diego. Wanna relive all the fun moments from the night? Keep scrolling to check out all the highlights.

Highlights from Portland

“If someone likes an item or likes a few items, I will put it into a bundle and write a nice note to explain there’s no pressure but just thought I’d send it off your way to consideration!” – @foundandforged

“I’m redoing all my photos so I’m deleting and relisting. It’s actually working for me. I relist at a higher price, giving me a bit of a cushion, then I notice 40% of the items I relisted have sold.” – @iridessegray

Highlights from San Diego

“I will lower the price for Closet Clear Out because usually when someone likes something, they’ll probably like something. They’ll be like, ‘Oh my gosh! She’s lowering everything right now.’ So they’ll shop my closet and I’ll more than likely sell than a bundle.” – @mimisdbest

“In the past, if someone liked something, I’d get really excited and send them an offer almost immediately. I realized over time, some people are still shopping your closet so maybe wait 5-10 minutes when they’re done because they might add to their bundle.” – @cageyscloset

Straight from the Attendees


A huge thank you to our Seller Stylist speakers who shared all their #PoshBoss stories: @foundandforged, @iridessegray, @mimisdbest, and @cageyscloset. We loved hearing the ways you Posh!

Want to attend Posh Party LIVE? Stay tuned for where we’ll be heading to next!

Check out the photos from the events:
Portland: Facebook album / Photobooth
San Diego: Facebook album

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