Poshmark City Guide: Portland, OR

We’re all about embracing your weirdness and Portland, Oregon is no different (#KeepPortlandWeird!). This guide was compiled by local Poshers, so you know it’s good. Read on for some awesome recommendations:


Word has it, NW 23rd Avenue is the spot to go but here are a few treasures that Poshers mentioned:

  • Seven Sisters (811 E Burnside St. Ste 110)
    A range of beautiful apparel and products that support women and the environment, plus they have great vintage finds.” – @jh1639
  • Powell’s City of Books (1005 W Burnside St)
    Hailed “The World’s Largest Independent Bookstore”. Grab a cup of coffee and get lost in this bibliophile’s paradise.
  • Amelia Boutique (2230 NE Alberta St)
    Amelia is a neighborhood dress boutique known for locally made dresses and jewelry! One Posher states, “Amelia personally curates every item in the shop and she has a great taste.”

Honorable mentions: Adored VintageFrances May, SaySay Boutique, and Village Merchants.



Fuel your day with a cup of joe from these local spots.

  • Coava Coffee (Multiple locations)
    Previously featured on Jerry Seinfeld’s Netflix show Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee with special guest, Fred Armisen. As one of Portland’s most famous roasters, “it’s a great place to go for coffee and to get a little bit of work done.”
  • Dutch Brothers (Multiple locations)
    Full of high energy and keen on spreading lots of love, Dutch Bros isa Portland staple! Did you know there’s a secret menu? You need to check out the Christmas Morning Chai aka Christmas in a cup! “Drive thru it, get pumped up by your bro-rista and go home list, list, list!” says @lillysun06.
  • Chapters Books and Coffee (701 E 1st St. Newberg, OR)
    “This place is an amazing Stumptown Cafe partnership run by an incredible family, Chapters is a great place to work, shop, and drink!” says @meganelise29. Added bonus: they’re always giving back to the community and supporting local artists. *Note: This one is a bit of a drive!
  • Rose City Coffee (Multiple locations)
    “Rose City Coffee offers more of a homey vibe and often features artwork from various local artists on their walls,” says @joelliebean. Once you’re finished with your cup, grab a blend to go.

Honorable mentions: Barista (try the Oregon Hazelnut Latte), Vivace Coffee House & Creperie, Oracle Coffee Company, Ava’s Roasteria, and Water Avenue Coffee.


Need a spot to check-in with a few of your PFFs? Check out these places.

  • Psychic Bar (3560 N Mississippi Ave)
    Step into this house-like establishment for a dark, witchy aesthetic with great cocktails and food.
  • Bible Club (6716 SE 16th Ave)
    Bible club is a prohibition bar, decorated inside to match that era. Don’t be fooled when first approaching it. The outside looks like a regular house with no actual signage. Once you’re in, you’ll feel like you’ve been taken back in time.
  • Taps Growler House (1900 NE 162nd Ave. Ste D112)
    Awesome beers, the best vibes, simple but delicious food, and the best employees.
  • The Goodfoot (2845 SE Stark St)
    If living in the moment and having a good time is the goal, go here. On nights when they have a live band in the lounge area, it’s easy to spend hours dancing with a drink in your hand,” says @curiouscourt.
  • McMenamins Kennedy School (5736 NE 33rd Ave)
    A few Poshers recommended this one: This is a historic landmark that has been renovated into a restaurant/bar, theater, concert venue, and hotel. It’s hard to not want to spend your whole trip there. Fun fact: During the summer of 2014, Portland Poshers hosted a Covershot workshop, featuring @fancypantsmcgee’s legendary skills.

Honorable mentions: Labrewatory, Multnomah Whiskey Library, Teardrop Cocktail Lounge, Departure, Portland City Grill, and Barista on Alberta (the location of the first ever Portland Posh N Sip).



Trust us when we say you’ll never be hungry while in Portland!

  • Lúc Lác (835 SW 2nd Ave)
    The atmosphere is very Portland; quirky and stylish, with Japanese parasols hanging from the ceiling, a black and white mural on one wall, and Victorian damask wallpaper on the other. And, their food is fantastic and inexpensive. Try the coconut curry, with cream cheese wontons and coconut prawns as appetizers.
  • Mae (2930 NE Kilingsworth Ave)
    Bite the bullet and splurge on this place. As a ticket-based service, we hear it’s worth it. “The owner of Mae uses her grandmother’s recipes, and the restaurant is definitely a top PDX restaurant for southern comfort food. The sweet tea alone will make you never want to stop indulging in their amazing creations. Everything from their cornbread, to their fried chicken, is some of the best food you can get in Portland,” says @joelliebean.
  • ¿Por Que No? Taqueria (Multiple locations)
    Tacos are a great go-to no matter where you go. Head over to ¿Por Que No? For a fun, colorful ambiance and tasty sangria. Be prepared to wait in a line, but we hear it’s well worth the wait!
  • Screen Door (2337 E Burnside St)
    “It doesn’t get any more Portland than waiting in the breakfast/brunch line outside Screen Door. Best known for their chicken and waffles… but don’t limit yourself to just that,” says @bumbolina.
  • Bamboo Sushi (Multiple locations)
    Your bill will be pricey but it’s for a good reason. Bamboo supports sustainable fishing. It was the first certified sushi restaurant. That sounds AMAZING in our book!

Honorable mentions: Saburo’s, Le Happy, 808 Grinds, Burgerville, Han Oak, Xport Bar & Lounge, Monsoon Thai, Trinket, Boke Bowl, Tin Shed, Mi Mero Mole, Cooper’s Hall,Maurice, and Ava Gene’s.


Portland is weird and that’s very much embraced (heck yes!), but we wanted to hear it straight from Portlanders.

  • “Portland is known for its youthful vibe. They call it the place where young people go to retire. Also known for its nightlife, local bands, and musical talent.” – @heathertrujillo
  • “Portland is for sure weird, but it also has a very working-class history. I adore much of the old buildings, and weird stuff you see on the streets on a daily basis. Literally, anything goes, all the time. (ex: seeing people in socks and sandals at black tie events) We have great food, mellow people, and rain. Lots of rain. I’m a native Oregonian so I don’t mind it a bit.” – @haroldnharriet
  • “Portland is best known for how original and unique people are. Come here and everyone will love you and love to show off the city they love. You’ll be able to find fashions of all kinds and be accepted no matter what. There are coffee shops on every block and views from every corner. Everyone will treat you like family!” – @candycane1515
  • “Portland is weird! We are known for our diversity and out-there personalities. Everyone has their own style and ain’t afraid to show it.” – @ellambrewster
  • “It sounds cliche’ to say Portland is ‘quirky’ but it is. It’s no big deal to see a bagpiper on a unicycle or a guy covered in blue paint walking the streets.” – @styleonrepeat
  • “Portland is called ‘bridge city’ because we have 14 bridges that make for a beautiful view across the water. Each of them has their own distinct personality! Portland is a smaller sized city packed with tons of amazing food and drink options. People here take their beer, cider, and food seriously.” – @jh1639
  • “Portland has been rapidly changing from a city that feels small and off-the-beaten-path to a popular destination. In the last decade, modern architecture, shops, and restaurants have been popping up in every quadrant of the city as density increases. You’ll often hear a lot of people talk about ‘old Portland’ (low key, a bit gritty and “weird”) and ‘new Portland’ (hipster, artisanal and mildly quirky). Overall the city embraces sustainable living, artists/makers, bicycles, brewpubs, coffee roasters, farmers markets, etc.” – @bumbolina
  • “Portland gives you a very friendly vibe that anyone can relate to. You just kind of get this feeling, like, ‘Yep, this is it.’” – @bryleavitt


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Other than packing your waterproof gear, here’s what else you’ll need:

  • Your appetite.
  • Your wallet. (“Oregon doesn’t have sales tax!”)
  • A love for beer. (“Oregon IPAs are a must!”)
  • Headphones to get a little taste of our insanely diverse music culture.
  • A reusable shopping bag to hold all of your purchases. Portland is very environmentally conscious.
  • Visting in the summer? Bring a bathing suit and hiking boots because you can’t visit Oregon in the summer without doing either of those.

Thank you to @ally2catz, @haroldnharriet, @mckensyv1, @madelinemomo, @heathertrujillo, @candycane1515, @lkdeisen, @dfizzal, @ellambrewster, @embrace_sisu, @hvincent88, @magickvintage, @styleonrepeat, @joelliebean, @dubbs7, @brittanynel10, @athenalpayne, @jh1639, @meganelise29, @iridessegray, @bumbolina, @lillysun06, @blushingbella, @fenivanova, @curiouscourt, @mcsj565, @bryleavitt, @gordomom, @stylebykristi for contributing to the Portland, OR City Guide.

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