App Update Alert: Introducing My Drafts

At our annual fashion conference, PoshFest, we revealed some highly requested Hackathon features and one of them JUST hit the app. Now, with a few taps, you can save a draft to list later!

It’s as easy as 1-2-3:

  1. Pop into the Sell Tab and select a Covershot.
  2. Add the details and if you’re not ready to post, tap Cancel.
  3. Select Save Draft and BAM you’ve saved your very first listing!

To access your drafts, simply go to the Sell Tab > Drafts.

Try My Drafts

P.S. Big thanks for all of your Hackathon feature submissions every year—this wouldn’t have been possible without YOU.  

Don’t see the feature in app? Be sure to update to the latest version. Questions? Check out the Support Center for full details  

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