How to Prep Your Closet for the Holidays on Poshmark


Updated November 2020

Tis’ the season to make sales! With the holidays around the corner, there’s a huge opportunity in setting your closet up for success. Check out these 5 game-changing #PoshTips that will make this time of year your most successful on Poshmark yet!

1. List What Shoppers Are Buying

Think about an easy go-to holiday gift: NWT, non-sized like an accessory. Prepping your closet with items like these will attract holiday shoppers! Try your hand at stocking boutique merchandise by shopping Wholesale on Poshmark (U.S. Only).

2. Stock Up on Supplies & Ship Like a Pro

USP-YES you’ll need to stock up on supplies. Did you know you can order USPS boxes and have them delivered right to your door for FREE?

Another shipping tip: make sure all your listings are package-ready. Get this done ahead of time so that the moment it sells all you have left to do is to box it up. P.S. think about your holiday shoppers. Try adding some fun ribbon to your Posh package or ship with festive polymailers to help spread that holiday cheer.

(Need some Poshmark-branded tools? Follow our @PoshFixings closet and keep an eye out on when we restock our inventory! 

Reminder: December 19th is the last day USPS will guarantee Poshmark packages will arrive in time for Christmas!

3. Get Social

Share, share, share! Social media is an amazing and powerful way to share your closet. By sharing your closet on social media you will be able to target different markets and drive sales to your Poshmark business!

If you haven’t already, connect your social media accounts to Poshmark to easily share your listings to all your platforms with the tap of a button. Tap the Account tab > Sharing Settings to adjust your settings. Add your Pinterest, Twitter, and Tumblr accounts and let the sharing begin. 

Bonus tip: Once you have all your items ready to be shipped don’t forget to get take a quick snap of your #PoshPackages and tag us on Instagram (@poshmark or @poshmarkcanada)! We’ll be resharing throughout the holiday season and beyond. 

4. Utilize Posh Bundle to Sweeten the Deal

See people adding to bundle or liking a bunch of listings in your closet? Make them a deal! You can use Posh Bundle to offer private discounts to buyers. Bundles are an easy tool to close sales right away! Check out your buyer’s likes and share items directly to their Bundle to style them and make sales.

5. Do Everything with #PoshLove

Always remember to add a little #PoshLove to each sale! Whether it’s a handwritten note or some cute packaging, showing some love will definitely leave a lasting impression.

Be sure to use these five tips to help gear your closet for the upcoming holiday season! 

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