5 Halloween Costumes You Can Find on Poshmark

Halloween is just around the corner and you best believe we’re creepin’ it real by shopping for costumes on Poshmark. Why spend tons of your hard earned cash when you can get a deal because you know you’ll only be wearing it once!

We’ve compiled a list of noteworthy Halloween costume ideas to help you get started.

Couples: Lara Jean Covey & Peter Kavinsky

Picture: Netflix

If you’ve watched the wildly popular Netflix original movie,To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before, you know that Lara Jean Covey + Peter Kavinsky = couple goals.

Steal Lara Jean’s style with some seriously cute finds from Poshmark! Think a signature scrunchie, preppy sweaters and cardigans, paired with plaid skirts.

Getting the look of the Internet’s boyfriend, Peter Kavinsky, is super easy. Peter’s style is simple and laid-back. Catch him a henley, jeans, and a hoodie any day. (Bonus points: go full post hot-tub robe look if you dare or accessorize with a handwritten love letter from your girl, Lara Jean.)

Best of Poshmark: USP-YES 

Two things that always win in a Halloween costume: creativity and Poshmark. Nail down this theme by creating a USPS person costume complete with #PoshPackages.

To get the look, you’ll need blue shorts or pants, a blue button down, and plenty of Priority Mail boxes.

Fashion Classics: the Devil Wears Prada

giphy (6).gif

Two birds, one stone? Treat yourself to Prada and work it into your costume! Go for the “Devil Wears Prada” look by sporting a Prada item of your choice, plus some devil horns and makeup, done.

Throwback: Bob Ross

Capture hearts and serious respect with a throwback costume! BOB IS BACK and his look is easy to steal. Two words: Denim. Everything. Dress up the look with a curly wig, fake beard, and a DIY artist’s palette, now that’s what we call a work of art.



#PoshMini: Kids Costumes + More

Mini Greaser? Extra mini Mini Mouse? Baby bumble bee? Needless to say whatever you’re dressing your minis as, they’re going to be stinking cute. Be sure to check out all the kids’ costumes on Poshmark!




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