App Update Alert: Posh Bundle is Here


The next evolution in styling is here. The Dressing Room is now Posh Bundle! With our latest update, Bundles are now social—making shopping and styling easier than ever.

  • Chat: Easily chat with Seller Stylists and work together to find the perfect outfit for any occasion.
  • Share Style: Check out your buyer’s likes and share items directly to their Bundle to style them and make sales.
  • Get Inspo: Get style suggestions from your favorite Poshers and PFFs; plus, check out what other Poshers are bundling.

To access Posh Bundle, tap the Bundle icon on the top of any closet.

Want to learn more? Get up to speed by watching the video below:



How do I get to a Posh Bundle?
Easy! Tap the Bundle icon in the top right hand corner of any closet.

What if I want to see ALL of my active Bundles?
Access all Bundles by tapping the Bundle icon in your closet. You can also access the same list from the Feed by tapping the My Likes icon in the top right hand corner and tapping the Bundle icon on the next page.

FAQs for Seller Stylists

What if I’m a seller on Posh? How can I share items to Bundle to help style my PFFs?Love sharing your style and making sales? Posh Bundle is the perfect tool for you! As a seller, Poshers can request styling advice from you. In return, you can send them listings directly from your closet that you think they might like! With Posh Bundle, every seller is a stylist.

How can I give my buyers a special discount?
Simply pop into a Bundle and tap Offer to make an offer on a bundle and give your buyer a private discount.

Where can I view all my buyers’ bundles so I can send them a private discount?
Pop into your closet and tap the Bundle icon. From there, you can view all your buyers’ Bundles on the Sell tab.

What’s a Style Card?
Style Cards are an easy way to learn about your buyers’ favorite brands and pick up on trends they love. Style Cards help you tailor your recommendations to your buyers. They include purchases your buyer has made from your closet, brands they follow, their About Me, Love Notes, and their My Size. Your buyers’ size info is only available to you once they interact with your closet (think bundling, liking, requesting styling, purchasing, and following).

FAQs for Shoppers

I’m mostly a buyer on Posh, how can I use Posh Bundle to help me find new things?
Posh Bundle is a great way to discover listings and get outfit inspiration! If you have a style crush on a Posher, tap the Bundle Icon at the top of their closet and request styling by tapping on Style to Bundle. From there, you can choose a style theme and leave a comment with details about what you’re looking for. That Posher will respond by adding items directly to your Bundle and may even offer you a private discount!

You can also get outfit ideas by checking out what other Poshers are bundling in the Feed. If you like what see, request styling from that Posher and they’ll create a Bundle just for you!

I don’t want my Bundle visible in the Feed. How do I turn that off?
No problem. You can edit your this by going to the Account Tab, selecting Poshmark Support Center, and tapping on Bundle Preferences. Keep in mind that if you switch your Bundle Features off, you can’t comment on Bundles, request styling, or share outfit inspo in the Feed.

What’s a Style Card?
Style Cards take personalized styling to the next level! Your Style Card includes purchases you’ve made from that specific Posher’s closet, brands you follow, your About Me, Love Notes, and your My Size. Sellers only have access to your size info if you interact with their closet (think bundling, liking, requesting styling, purchasing, and following).

Awesome, how do I get started?
To visit your Bundle with a specific Posher, simply click the Bundle icon at the top right hand corner of their closet. If you want to ask that Posher to add items to your Bundle, simply tap Style to Bundle, leave a comment with additional details, and watch the listings roll in!

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