#PoshHoliday: 5 Days of Giveaways


#PoshHoliday is here and we’re celebrating with 5 days of giveaways! Make a purchase from 12/18-12/22, share on social, OR solve a Posh riddle and automatically be entered to win 1 of 10 gift boxes (worth $250!) DAILY. Every item in this box is handpicked by Team Posh, so these boxes are full of our most favorite things!  

Ready to celebrate with us?  There are not one, not two, but THREE ways you can enter!

  • Shop for yourself or others (we won’t judge). Each purchase counts as an additional entry.
  • Use the #PoshHoliday hashtag on Instagram or Twitter to share your holiday purchases and sales. 
  • Test your Posh knowledge and solve the riddle of the day.

The Winners

Aaaand that’s a wrap (ho ho ho, pun intended)! The PoshHoliday winners are in (list updated upon confirmation). Thanks to everyone who participated, we hope you enjoyed celebrating with us this season!

12/18 12/19 12/20 12/21 12/22
@phrontistery @emilyhmunn @michellegwilson @kcgirl_in_LV @resellkell
@aem627 @sadizzle @cseaswagger @caddychic6 @janis_marie
@jordanicholas @joliver1979 @theluxebohemian @danadinomyte13 @lisnic21924
@savannahsmith29 @dreshny @lindelovin  @jmunro @regencloud
@modaluxe @lhouck2 @sxnia05  @kfowler23  @sawaheaton
@sylwwwia @livingwil @missmorgan1337 @michellehangge  @prhennessy
@elleyposh @jonsmomma1 @morningmind  @cintia_usa  @sjk1221
@shopxbrooklyn @emmajean94 @coolcat800  @sweetie12345  @twotreefrogs2
@spottedsparrow  @trash_artist @eclecticchic25 @kartasi @amylsauder
@stealsndeals856  @thackera  @4emma  @camisadocloset  @poshgit

Riddles of #PoshHoliday Past:






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