How to Prep for the Holidays on Poshmark


‘Tis the season for making sales and we’ve got the inside scoop on all things #PoshHoliday! Continue on to learn the tips & tricks to making this season your best yet.


List what they’re searching for! These are the top selling women’s categories on Poshmark: ankle boots, blazers, shoulder bags, blouses, and rain boots.

Pssst we’ll let you in on a little secret, NWT (New With Tags) and Boutique items make great gifts. If you have them, list them now.



Have a #PoshMan or are one? Do you have a  #PoshMini in your life? Tap into thesedepartments and watch the sales roll in.


h5Become a one-stop gift shop! These are the best-selling items on Poshmark that double as fabulous gifts!

Mens: sneakers, belts, and performance jackets
Kids: puffer jackets, sneakers, and sweatshirts

Hellooo new features! Utilize these to up your selling game.

Price Drop Tool
Do less math, make more sales?! Yes, please. This feature automatically lowers your price by 10% to trigger discounted shipping. Learn more about this nifty price drop tool here.

Listing on Web
Lots of stuff but little time? This feature makes listing a breeze. Find out all about it here.

The Dressing Room
Offer private discounts on bundles and more through the Dressing Room, get started today!

h7Add some holiday flair to your #PoshPackages to celebrate this season in style. P.S. the last day to shop items to arrive by Christmas is Wednesday, December 20th, 2017!

 Stay tuned for some #PoshHoliday Gift Guides coming your way!

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