PoshFest 2017: Social Media to Engage, Connect & Drive Sales

sssWe’re going to go ahead and assume that all of our mornings involve some variation of the above because we’re living in a time of sharing. Social media is a powerful share tool used to connect, market, engage and one of our faves–drive sales to your Poshmark business!

So if you were at PoshFest but too busy posting everything on your InstaStories, here’s some top tips on getting starting, how to create a killer content strategy and top tips straight from our very own social media speaker gurus!

Getting Started on Social Media

  • Don’t feel overwhelmed, start by focusing on 2-3 channels
  • Start AND participate in conversations by engaging with other like minded people by following, liking and commenting.
  • Hashtags are your best friend and help you get noticed and build your fanbase. #justdoit

Creating a Social Media Strategy

  • Find your voice & niche: Do you love fashion? Travel? Food? Poshmark? (Ha! Trick question.)  Hone in on your expertise and use it to use help guide your posts on social media.
  • Decide what channels align with your focus: if you are a great photographer use Instagram, if you love to write use Twitter, if behind the scenes are your jam utilize Snapchat or InstaStories
  • Trial & Error: Wondering when the best times of day to post are? Don’t be afraid to test the waters and try! Here’s a tip though: think about when most people are online — that’s the best time slot to post like mornings and evenings. 😉
  • Be consistent!

Top Tips

  • Instagram: Post a variety of types of content to increase visibility and being discovered on the explore tab. InstaStories, Videos or Boomerangs, Carousels and of course, photos.
  • Twitter: Tweets paired with a gif or a photo will foster the most engagement.
  • YouTube: People are looking for information about Poshmark on YouTube so it’s a huge potential growth opportunity to share your knowledge and be an early adopter in this space.
  • Pinterest: Hook up your Poshmark account to automatically post your listings and community shares. Did you know over 20% more sales are made when you connect to Pinterest? #yesplease
  • Snapchat: Sharing some new items coming to your closet soon? Don’t forget you can add a link directly to your Snapchat stories for people to swipe up on to shop! Easy peezy.

Want to connect with Poshmark on social media? Be sure to follow us and comment with your handles so we can follow you!

Let’s get social!
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