How to Become a Posh Ambassador

Posh Ambassadors are role models in the Poshmark community who receive special benefits for their mentorship. Once you unlock Posh Ambassador status, you’ll:

  • DRIVE more awareness to your closet through opportunities like co-hosting in-app Posh Parties, Posh N List, and Posh N Coffee events, speaking at Poshmark hosted events, and more. 
  • ACCESS tons of new potential buyers! Your closet will be recommended on the Find People page to new Poshers. 
  • RECEIVE exclusive perks including access to The Posh Insider (our Posh Ambassador newsletter), a special closet badge, private events, and more.

See how close you are to becoming a Posh Ambassador by going to the Account Tab > My Posh Stats. 

Check your progress

What is a Posh Ambassador? 

Posh Ambassadors are role models in the Poshmark community who receive special benefits for their mentorship.
Once a Posher reaches Posh Ambassador status, a badge will automatically appear in their closet and About page, making them easy to identify.

What criteria do I have to meet to become a Posh Ambassador? 

Head over to My Posh Stats to see how close you are to meeting the following criteria: 

  • Community Shares: Share at least 5,000 items from other Poshers’ closets.
  • Self-Shares: Share your own items at least 5,000 times to the community.
  • New Poshers Shared: Discover and share items from at least 50 new closets.
  • Available Listings: Have at least 50 available listings in your closet.
  • Listings Sold: Make at least 15 sales.
  • Average Purchase Rating: Have an average purchase rating of at least 4.5 stars.
  • Average Ship Time: Have an average ship time of less than 3 days.
  • Love Notes Given: Leave at least 1 Love Note for another Posher.

How long does it take to become a Posh Ambassador? 

Each Posher’s journey is unique, which means the amount of time it takes to become a Posh Ambassador will be different for everyone. That’s why we created My Posh Stats! It makes it easy to track your Posh Ambassador progress. Simply head over to the Account Tab > My Posh Status to see where you’re at. 

What is expected of Posh Ambassadors? 
Posh Ambassadors are expected to: 

What are the unique benefits of becoming a Posh Ambassador?
Posh Ambassadors receive the following benefits:

  • Be featured on the Find People page for new users, where you will be regularly recommended based on a new user’s specific size and brand preferences. 
  • Early access to PoshFest tickets, our annual conference that tends to sell out fast.
  • Access to The Posh Insider, our monthly newsletter that provides tips on how to grow your business, sneak peeks into new features, and more.
  • The opportunity to join Posh Affiliate, where you can receive credits and Poshmark-branded merchandise for completing campaigns—growing your social media presence while you’re at it.

What can I do as a Posh Ambassador?
Posh Ambassadors represent the passion, dedication, and leadership that embodies Poshmark. As exemplary members of the community, we want you to share that excitement with others through exclusive opportunities to:

  • Connect with other Poshers in your community through hosting events like Posh N Coffee or Posh N Sip. 
  • Get more eyes on your closet through co-hosting in-app Posh Parties. 
  • Share your experience and mentor others by becoming a Closet Consultant, Campus Rep, and/or PoshFest speaker. 

Need help or have questions? 
Please reach out to

149 thoughts on “How to Become a Posh Ambassador

  1. I can relate to so many aspects of the above comments. I have a well established 25yr professional career and athletic career/reputation —- it is what it is as a result of life in general. Consequently I have abundance… I donate what is beneficial. I was encouraged to Poshmark the rest. The disparity with expectations on all levels from images, sizing (I Google easy items and don’t put in on the sellers, who likely have busy lives) etc… as a seller, to make $13 to $40 off a $120-$600 item. My husband randomly lists whatever on eBay … puts in less effort from pics to packaging…. There’s more flaws with this platform that could be remedied; however, I assume there’s a team working on it. I’m learning my time is by far more valuable. I’ll give it a few more weeks, otherwise, hopefully a person shopping at goodwill can appreciate the Valentino, jimmy Choos, and gallons of Sorel, Arcteryx, Rabb, and Lululemon that I haven’t bothered to list 🤷🏻‍♀️

    1. Do you still have an active closet? I would be very interested in looking through it, or if you’re interested, I can give you my email

  2. I just started poshing and it was really going well for me. So good that I set my daughter up to sell her items and they froze both of our accounts. This is very discouraging. I have emailed, called there number and the voicemail is full. They said it would be instant response if you go through the support email. Well to my surprise it’s been a couple of days and no reply. Can anyone tell me about the “Let it sell” platform? Really considering trying another avenue. I have networked and exchanged information with many poshers to continue a selling and buying relationship.

    1. MarieFJeanBaptiste
      I am so sorry you’ve experienced that. This is not what Poshmark really is but, I believe in an effort to protect sellers I can see how that happen I had recruited people the same happened to their closets but, stayed assured that will resolve please allowing them at least 3 to 5 business days. I know its a bit hard being an holiday but it’s worth the time

    2. Also you can share items daily. To parties and to your followers. The more you share the more you sell. In my experience. .

  3. I’m new to Poshmark. I’m getting very discouraged because I haven’t made one sale. I get likes and a lot of people share my jewelry, but no sales. Is this normal? When I get a like or share, am I suppose to do something? Thanks!

    1. It takes a while,but it will happen. When I began I was six- eight months before I had a sale ,I’m a formal wear seller so it’s a specialty product. Since I have began five years ago I HV sold 113 gowns it’s not a huge amount but it’s fun and the ball keeps rolling rt?

    2. Deborah, don’t be discouraged. Likes mean your items are being noticed. Soon you’ll be getting sells. Keep going!😊

    3. If someone likes your item, send them a discount, many times that’s what they are waiting for. Getting likes is amazing for a new posher! Don’t get discouraged at all.

    4. When I get a like, I make them an offer where I reduce my price by 10% and give them a shipping discount. I get sales by doing this. It doesn’t always work, but I’d say it’s 25% effective.

    5. Hang in there! You will sell it! You can always send them an offer with a discounted shipping! This may help people buy your item! Good Luck!

    6. It sometimes takes a little time and patience but you will make a sell. When someone “likes” your status you can click on the send private offer button and offer a lower price to the liker. Just keep in mind that the offer must be 10 percent below the original asking price and discounted shipping is required. If someone shares your item then you can return the favor and share something from their closet. Shares equal more followers and more followers equals more sells! I hope this helps with answering your questions! 🙂

    7. Yes. You can send them an offer. And bundle offer if they like more than one item. But it’s totally up to you on sale discount on prices.

    8. When you get a like, go to that person’s closet. Write a simple quick note like, “I’m new here, Thanks 4 stopping by my closet!”. Offer them a discount on the item, as mentioned b4. Then share items from their closet to your followers. Two benefits to this:
      1. Most likely, they will reciprocate & share items from your to their network, so more people will see what you have and increase your chances to make more sales & get more followers
      2. It helps get you to Posh Ambassador status faster. Once there, new Poshers are added to your account more regularly giving you more followers & more chances to make sells. It also shows that you are a serious, committed Posher with good business ethics and are a leader in our community
      3. Best part: personal notes, thank you’s, taking time to share advice to help fellow Poshers like yourself are a few of the things that sets PM apart from other selling platforms. We Poshers are a true community, a family!

  4. I have had prospective buyers “like” and item, When I try to make them an offer I’m told “ this item has no likers “. Am I doing something wrong? Thank you,

    1. Judi, no you’re not doing anything wrong, you had someone visit your page and while looking they accidently tapped the heart icon on an item, it sent you the notice, but before you got there they realized they accidentally hit like and tapped it again to undo it. Its disappointing but the good news is something you have got their attention so they took a look around your store! So, you’re doing something right! Happy Poshing 😊

      1. Hello Poshmark community thank you so much , I understand that same thing has happened numerous times

    2. You’re not doing anything wrong. People hit the like button by mistake or just change their minds.

    3. No. People will hit “like” and perhaps change their mind before you sent offer… or, they hit “like” by accident and then unliked it. You haven’t done anything wrong. It’s happened to me many times.

    4. Hello Judi,

      I believe this occurs when someone likes your item most times by mistakes, and immediately unlikes it! Hope this helps

    5. No your not doing anything wrong honey, sometimes people just don’t want to buy right away. So they go back and unlike your items. I’ve had it happen to me many times so don’t get discouraged, you’ll sell!❤️ ❤️

    6. So I just got Posh ambassador 2, then realized that you have to work hard to keep the status which I think it’s unfair. Especially because you have to add 250 items, sell 50 items within a month, share 3000 listings of others, so takes time away from us sharing our own listings. Also, being posh ambassador doesn’t help your sells at all, just for discount tickets to events which I would not have time to attend, working on my MFA. So after all the work of getting close to keep status it’s only for two more month’s then have to go through it all over again, is it just me but this sucks!!

      1. It’s all for the Benjamins! More ,more, more is all they want. You’re 100% correct ,who has time to be on the site all day and share others items and your own ,plus, try to keep up with those party’s they have every single day all day long.??? It becomes to much . The title is for you to feel important not for any benefits. Working a 9 to 5 on poshmark isn’t my idea of a great job.

      2. Marie F
        I could think the same thing to but , no let me explain I was a Business Manager for a large corporation here in this country single mother and a full time student working on my Master one morning I went to my Boss to asked for a raise because my business was doing so well and the company raised my purchase plan without consulting me.
        The response I got was was humiliating “ you so bad and outrageous to ask for a raise when you’re making more than everyone else” she didn’t stopped there “ and “ your schedule is Golden you don’t work weekend”
        I cried for a moment and went to my office made a plan 3 months later pack and left.
        I have been doing Poshmark since.
        So I will do everything and anything for me , myself to support my growth not for the other guys.
        In corporate America you just a number you disposable.
        In Poshmark what you put in is what you get out.
        It’s all yours.

      3. Marie F JeanBaptiste
        I could think the same thing to but , no let me explain I was a Business Manager for a large corporation here in this country single mother and a full time student working on my Master one morning I went to my Boss to asked for a raise because my business was doing so well and the company raised my purchase plan without consulting me.
        The response I got was was humiliating “ you so bad and outrageous to ask for a raise when you’re making more than everyone else” she didn’t stopped there “ and “ your schedule is Golden you don’t work weekend”
        I cried for a moment and went to my office made a plan 3 months later pack and left.
        I have been doing Poshmark since.
        So I will do everything and anything for me , myself to support my growth not for the other guys.
        In corporate America you just a number you disposable.
        In Poshmark what you put in is what you get out.
        It’s all yours.

    7. I personally hit the “like” button so I can find the item later. However, there have been times when I change my mind- maybe I didn’t notice the size is not mine, etc. – I go back and remove the like. It’s nothing the seller did wrong ❤️

  5. LMAO your all nothing but a troll comment bot lowlife broke scammer just like everyone else on Poshmark is and llelli ain’t no dedicated seller cause no one on Poshmark is, they ain’t even a real person just like u ain’t either and nobody is an ambassador cause it’s a scam and fake just like you all

    1. Obviously something has upset you Sierra. I guarantee you I am a real person and all too human, just ask my wife, lol. So for real what’s going on. I notice negative comments here and there but usually not so harsh. I am offering my assistance in good faith so feel free to reach out to me or just reply here, whatever’s clever.

    2. I’d like to state I’m a very real human. I am no bot. So I’m sure there are plenty others like me. But if you need a friend come check out my closet and send a message on an item.. maybe I can help you feel at ease that there are real people on this platform. Happy poshing..

    3. Who are you to say anything thanything that negative about people you have no idea about?? And another thing why are you so angry if angry if you are on the platform just like the rest of us you are a real person correct? So if you’re real and you’re leaving these comments Then that means the people reading them are real and we aren’t a bunch of trolls and scammers!! That’s really not very pretty

  6. Hi,
    Trying to contact Michelle H @mzjazzyjscloset regarding Peruvian connect Belda blazer size 2 you have on posh mark. I live in the UK but unfortunately posh mark do not ship there. Would you be interested in shipping to me. Happy to pay through PayPal for supplier/customer protection.

  7. I love every program offered by the poshmark page but above all the benefits it offers when obtaining the white star

    1. is it just me I find it harder to get sales, I share and create bundles and offer discounts but now seems harder to sell because a lot of people selling. I thought being Posh ambassador 11 would come with better benefits but don’t see any difference

      1. Same with me too. It’s just not helping in getting more sales. It’s upsetting.

      2. Yes its difficult. Too many people on poshmark. Im seriously thinking of leaving it.

    2. To me getting the the white status does not make sense because of the fact after getting there, does not mean you stay there. You have to work harder and all for tickets to posh events, things that don’t really help your sales. As far as I’m concerned this is just while i’m on break from school but don’t see it as a future, really hard to make sales unless items priced low that theres not much of a profit. Positive gives me something to do while on break.

      1. I already know that making it to that level is something not substantive for me. This is not my job. I’m doing this to purge my closet.😊

  8. Has anybody else had the problem of becoming a Posh Ambassador and having your account overrun by bot account followers? Is there a way to opt out of Ambassador status? It has truly done nothing positive for my account, views or overall experience…

    1. Seriously? I’ve been at this from day one the beginning of posh and I’m top 10% across the board except for CANCELLED ORDERS 😮🥹🙃 I thought you get lots if perks and of course the status. I’ve been a poster from the beginning and yes I have cancelations because the day it sells is the day it goes missing. Could you tag me and let me in on why we might not want this silly status?! Thank you my friend. CocoChelle

    2. I agree about all the fake bot accounts as new followers. I just ignore the accounts that have no pic, and sometimes look at the new followers that at least put up a legit profile pic. As far as nothing positive, my sales increased dramatically since my posh ambassador status. You might look at the age of your listings. When the6 are older than 3 months I believe, they don’t show up early in a search. If you have listings that are older than 3 months, copy the listing, edit out the word copy, change anything you want and re- list. Frequently when I do that I raise the price and suddenly I have lots of interest and sales pick back up.

      1. How do u know an acct is a scam? I just sold 2 Tiffany items to blkcatmom and she received her items. Refuses to accept the order and rate me. I gave a big discount but didn’t think to check her acct. it shows no listings, no info. Nothing! Poshmark guarantees buyer and seller but for the love of me, I think I was scammed. It does show a pending balance of $388.00 under my sellers acct. I think after 3 days posh will pay me. I guess she couldn’t have no payments because posh requires to have credit, debit or PayPal. I’m never selling until I check peoples acct gor now on. Has this ever happen to anyone on here? B

      2. What do you do with the original listing? After you copy, change and list, the original listing remains. Do you just delete the original?

      3. I swear I do the same thing! It’s like magic! I do mines after I refuse to lower my price a ridiculous low! I’m not giving my stuff away for free! That’s the whole reason why I’m on here.

      4. Thanks for your info. I followed your instructions. Found a dress I’ve been trying to sell for over 6 months. I copied, clicked edit and changed some things. But it didn’t give me the option to edit out the word “copy”.

    3. I noticed that after becoming ambassadors, both my husband and I started getting followed by a lot of new accounts with no profile picture. They purchase stuff and take their time accepting the order. He recently sold one of our extra laptops that wasn’t being used. It was in perfect working order. He had several pictures of the main screen, on the internet, the system screen, etc. He listed all the technical specs in the description. He made sure it was fully charged before packing it with several layers of cushioning. The person receives it, accepts the order, buf gives him 1 star and says the laptop freezes up. Its a total lie! My husband would never have sold a machine that didn’t work. The guy had an account with no picture or listings, a scam artist! When I started on Posh 4 yrs ago, it wasn’t like this. What’s going on?

      1. The world is increasing the amount of “so-called”… woke (excuse My language) assholes! This stems from technology and its rapid changes; growth and development.

        But, have no fear! Although it does take a considerable amount of time, sometimes, the same technology that gave many scam artists that sense of.., “I’m a genius!” And that untouchable feeling WILL change back around, maybe not as rapidly, and bite them on their ever so smart Assholes (excuse My language again)!!!

    4. About bot accounts … I’ve never heard of that – why would anyone make those? What benefit does it give them? As a ‘little fish’ in the PoshMark sea, should I be concerned? What would be some of the signs of a bot account? How do they hurt you (i.e., what should I avoid)?



      1. Well easy. They tell you they need more pics. Send them to their mail. They will tell u they will sent out a check. Next thing you know, their daughter’s monthly allowance got mixed with the money of the item they are about to buy. And you know the rest. They will send out the check under your name. If you endorse it…you know the rest….

      2. I have not experienced bot accounts, but I have experienced many who use bots to share and shuffle their closets. Some of the bots available will also make bundles and offers for you. I personally don’t like them. You follow people and their bot takes over. They never really look at your closet.

      3. I dont understand what I’m doing wrong ! This is my first time ! I have alot to offer I have 6 children some grown and grandchildren almost the age of my children I take care of my parents on has dementia the other suffer from mental illness plus I work .I was doing because I’m moving and I have two houses filled with colthes it’s time to let go ! From baby colthes and my kids myself ! I always love to shop ! However I lost weight and some of my colthes are not age appropriate! I never even wore because of work and being at home ! I just collected and took pride and my belongings! Now I have to let it go ! But I need help I don’t understand what I’m doing wrong Yes I’m private person so I didn’t want anyone in personal pictures or flies. However I would love to have the all white background and take better pictures I was rushing ! However I pay shipping and labels and whatever it takes to be more involved please help me !!!

    5. Why don’t everyone just start their own YouTube channel? Could be your own QVC with your own niche and be you. No bot. There are a lot of platforms to sell. Poshing is a niche and people dedicate a lot of time. So just sell anyway you can, become you in your own products.

      1. There are alot of other platforms to sell on ,you are correct in that . The problem is everyone wants an item that’s designer for yard sale prices! So, you doing you doesn’t work . I find that just letting the item sell itself is the way to go because sending offers and free shipping is like begging them to buy it. It’s really annoying if I like something and I get an offer then another, then…another. I just liked it for later to possibly buy not to buy immediately! If I wanted it I would just buy it or send them an offer. That’s how I think most people are. If they really want it they’ll make the first move to get it . Not the other way around..begging is embarrassing for the seller. I mean they are saying they are desperate by sending offers and lying about moving sales . Like I said if they want it they will buy it. Offers , clearance sales, moving closet clearouts won’t make much of a difference. That’s on any platform you sell on . So , just relax and let your items sell themselves!

  9. Im pretty new to Poshmark so Im not sure if Im posting this in the right place. I have a question on how to give a discount when someone purchases a bundle from your closet. Like in the top left corner it will say 15% off any purchase of 3 or more items in my closet. How do I do that. I was going to message one of the ambassators but couldn’t figure out how lol.

    1. Hi! That’s a good question and can be kinda tricky to figure out as a new user. In order to initially set up an automatic discount for bundles you first need to go to your closet. From there select the wrench/tool icon in the top right corner of the screen. That will bring up a list of options, from there select My Seller Discounts. The next screen will prompt you to select a percentage discount and the minimum number of items a buyer would need to add to their bundle to reach this discount.

      As far as advertising your bundle discount, many Poshers will include that detail in the description of all of their posts. Maybe with wording such as: Bundles of 3 or more get 15% off. Also, many Poshers make a graphic to list as an “item” in their closet. Some free graphics can be found through Google. Usually the graphic states the details of the bundle discount, and more info can be added in the description of the “listing”. Hope this helps! Feel free to follow me (@danamariecat) and reach out with any more questions!

    2. When they make a bundle you will see the bundle in the news feed when you see how
      Many items the person bundled you can also see where the bundle is that you can make your offer of a discount and you can also offer if you want discounted shipping hope That helps

    3. If you have your closet set up for 15% off 3 items. It will automatically do the math when they make the purchase.

    4. Hi! Go to your SELLER TOOLS then click on SELLER DISCOUNTS. You can determine the discount you want to give your buyers.

    5. Hi Tara. Go onto your closet page and click on the tools icon in the top right corner. Then click on Sellers Tools. You will then be able to set up a discount that you’d like to provide for bundles.

    6. Hi! Welcome to Poshmark! You can go to “My Seller Tools” then “My Seller Discounts” to set a bundle discount for your closet. You can also use the “make an offer” feature in a shoppers bundle to make an individual offer for the bundle. Hope this helps!

    7. Go to the my seller tools tab under your account icon. It’ll walk you through it from there!

    8. Style the prospect by bundling the items. Go to their closet and select in the upper right corner their bag. Then tap the three dots and switch to sell view. Wahlah…make an offer for sale. This was a hard step for me to get at first as well. Happy Poshing and reach out with any other questions.

    9. Go to your main acct. Scroll to My Sellers Tools than click on My Seller Discount. You’ll have to click on the switch over to activate it. Than it should show you the diff options of discount you want and how many items.

  10. As far as improvements to posh I think the best improvement would be for sellers to be able to rate buyers. Would help decrease scams and help us avoid crap customers. We can block people but being able to rate bad buyers or scammers would help warn/protect the rest of the seller community from dealing with them.

    1. Agree i was sent a nasty comment on my page didnt even realize i was “styling” her she went all karen on me saying dont style me you dont know me or who i am what i like and went on to complain about poshmark!!!

      1. We should be kind and support one another on here not spread negativity!!

    2. I totally agree! My 1st sale I was so nervous. The buyer had tons of expensive items listed on their profile. So they bought a diamond and gold necklace from me. Didn’t accept or leave any comments. I had to wait out the given days for the hold to finally get my money which I didn’t get until 10 days after the item was delivered and that was only after I sent a request to customer service asking where is my money.
      It made me wonder many times if I was being scammed and here I lost out on an expensive item.

      1. I am not sure I am understand all this about the scammers and the pay delays! I recently had an order not be able to get delivered – but the USPS sent reminders to the buyer to reschedule delivery. I reached out to customer service, and they contacted the buyer as well. Delivery was taken care of and buyer accepted order. If the buyer had not scheduled re-delivery, the USPS had a date set to return the item to me the seller. Also, if my buyer did not accept the order, Poshmark will AUTOMATICALLY release the funds earned to the seller after 3 days once item has been delivered by USPS. So not getting paid after 10 days after delivery sounds like maybe funds were held back due to an inquiery or problem – brought on by your buyer maybe and no pay until it gets resolved?

        As for scammers, doesn’t the rules clearly state not to take any transactions off of Poshmark to keep the buyer and seller safe as far as inquiery or problems with orders? So even if someone tries to scam, they still have to pay for item and shipping first, then seller ships via USPS (with a shipping label given by Pishmark once the buyer pays), then seller will get paid at most 3 days after delivery. So I guess I don’t understand about any Poshmark sellers getting scammed.

        I was asked when I first started to sell items to email more photos – but all I did was replied to that comment and said NO, I will add photos on listing, but not going to go off the platform. I don’t understand I guess because the rules are there for a reason, and being kicked off this platform may be a punishment . . . who would want to risk it?

        Thank you for listening to me vent my confusion.

    3. I think everyone should have to be verified as part of the process of signing up. Rating buyers is a good idea as well.

  11. I am impressed with Posh Ambassador program and admire dedication sellers like @llellie ( poshmark closet LLELLIE ) put into their business hosted on Poshmark. I’ve had the best experience with her store and hope I can reach ambassador level myself soon!

    1. LMAO your nothing but a troll comment bot lowlife broke scammer just like everyone else on Poshmark is and llelli ain’t no dedicated seller cause no one on Poshmark is, they ain’t even a real person just like u ain’t either and nobody is an ambassador cause it’s a scam and fake just like you all

      1. Why are you so angry ?
        Names calling ? That’s not kindergarten and nobody keeps you here as hostage.

      2. Get a life ! Cry me a river then build a bridge and GET OVER YOURSELF!

  12. Very disappointed in Posh Ambassador “Norma W @pineapplehanger.” I purchased a NWT blazer described as a 52L but the sleeves are at least 4″ shorter than they should be – the item is clearly defective. I was traveling when the item was delivered so it was automatically accepted before I could reject the order (my bad). I asked the seller to make an exchange for a comparable item, and she refused (with nonsensical excuses about PM policy), This is the first time I have experienced a seller on PM who has not gone out of their way to make a mistake right, which leads me to believe she knew the item was defective when she posted it and sold it to me. Very disappointing. Beware of this seller / ambassador.

    1. Oh that’s too bad. I used to work at a Mens Formalwear Store. We did tuxedo rentals and were always taking the sleeves up & down on the same jackets from week to week. The sleeves on the jacket you bought were probably altered by the person who owned it before you. That’s why I include as many measurements as possible about each of my items, that way people can be sure they are getting exactly what they need. Be sure you know your personal sleeve length before attempting to buy another blazer. (you just measure from the armpit down to the tip of the sleeve) and that is your sleeve measurement. If a seller in the future cannot show a picture of the sleeve measurement avoid buying so this can’t happen again. Most sellers on Poshmark are happy and willing to bend over backwards to help customers, but we can only do so within the parameters of the Poshmark company guidelines. There’s really no way for us to just say “Ok I’ll take that return for you”… only Poshmark can determine Whether or not an item is allowed to be returned. So again ask your Tailor your measurements or measure your suits and things that already fit to know if items will be a good match for you in the future. Even ask a seller to please post a picture of the sleeve measurement and most will. You can get some really good deals on some very nice items on Poshmark… so please don’t get discouraged.

  13. I don’t mind paying 20% commission on sales to Poshmark. Not only do they earn their commission by providing buyers to me, they also pay my State sales tax on my behalf, have software already installed that provides me with inventory reports and sales reports etc. I remember having to pay a lot of money to list on another site, upfront and it provided me NONE of the this…I am more than happy to pay 20% to Poshmark especially considering its free to list an item. If it does not sell, it costs me nothing. I think Poshmark is absolutely brilliant.

  14. Is it ok for a POSH AMBASSADOR or another seller to use my own photos that I take and us them for their listings? I sent a ambassador seller a message asking her please do not use my photos for your listings.She was very rude in answering and has never taken my photos off of her listings.Now I have to watermark all of my photos.But is there a rule for this?

    1. Actually if you have reposh button setting on in your account that allows the buyer to use your photo I personally have it turned off

      1. LMAO your nothing but a troll comment bot lowlife broke scammer just like everyone else on Poshmark is and llelli ain’t no dedicated seller cause no one on Poshmark is, they ain’t even a real person just like u ain’t either and nobody is an ambassador cause it’s a scam and fake just like you all

    2. Just contact poshmark and explain what your asking this ambassador to do. They should be able to get her to change her attitude towards you. It’s not okay especially if you asked her politely to not use them.

    3. In fact in United States any photos taken by a person are considered intellectual property of that person . If I were you I would absolutely make sure that I would let the seller know that not only will you be contacting the poshmark with proof of stolen photos but also seeking damages as the seller is using your intellectual property for financial gain heavily punished by the US court system ( I would give them 24 hours or 48 hours to remove or you will move forward with the earlier mentioned. That way I think you will have a better chance of getting them down without having to contact poshmark)
      One does not have to have the photos water marked for the intellectual property law to be in affect just always keep your original photos they have internal date showing they belong to you. I applaude you for using water marks it adds so much extra work . Is there an app that is best to use for that ?

      1. So glad to have found this. Love all the questions and Answers. This is so helpful

    4. I think not because if I purchase an item from a seller an I decide I didn’t like it or it was to small or whatever , you can go on that listing in your “purchases” an repost the item you bought from a seller an Poshmark makes the listing with the sellers photos an the buyer realists that item … so I’ll assume they can use your photos since Poshmark will use your photos for reposting an it purchased by you … hope this answer helps you … maybe if she asked you you would of said yes as I have myself given permission as long as they ask … Happy Poshing an unfortunately we have that 1 person that ruins it for everyone!

      1. You just have to turn off permission for that. It’s that simple. Just because they are reposhing doesn’t mean they can’t take their own pictures and then state that it’s a reposhing.

    5. Notify Poshmark an they will delete her listing an you won’t have to deal with her or her rudeness ! Also block her so you won’t have to deal with any backlash from her once Poshmark deletes the listing

  15. I’m new here. I have people who are reaching out and asking me to text them or send an email. Is this normal?

    1. NEVER EVER Respond to people wanting you to text or send “more pictures & Info” to them. This is Not only against Poshmark Policy, But A SCAM!!

      1. Good to know.It’s been happening to me a lot.I’m thinking to myself my listings have lots of pictures and what more in pictures could they possibly want.So I take more pictures and add them on to my listing. Then I message then to say I’ve added on to the listing.Never hear from them again.Thought it was odd.

      2. Don’t ever ever do this !!!! I almost got scammed but caught it in time!!!

    2. It is scam. Never make transactions off poshmark it’s against poshmarks guidelines.

    3. You should only communicate through your Posh listing. Going outside of it could violate the Poshmark rules. There’s no reason to give out your phone or email for further communication.

    4. I recommend that you keep all business on the Poshmark site. I also recommend that all new poshers should read the Posh etiquette found in the menu tab. It will help on your new posh journey. Good luck and happy posting!!

  16. Hi! I have only been a member for a couple of hours. Why are you, and dozens of others, following me already? It’s a bit creepy, if you ask me.

    1. When I Was New to Poshmark I Had same sentiment! I have family & friends that loved it… Bottom Line is the the “Algorithm” Connects you with other “Poshers”
      Who have similar likes in brands & what not. Most Posh Ambassadors” Are just genuinely welcoming you to Poshmark. And then there are a lot of Poshers that are Trying to lure you to their “closet” to make sales.

    2. As Poshmark ambassadors, we are automatically added as being followed. Also, we like to see what new users are there and introduce ourselves or follow you and share your listings with our followers so you have a better chance of succeeding. Good luck!

    3. Dude calm down it’s not a dating site no one is trying to harrass you, this is a site to simply buy and sell maybe it’s YOU that just do not understand the concept of this site but it’s to get buyers and to show your listings to as many as possible so relax no one is harassing you or being creepy or trying to get in your DMs just chill

      1. I love this reply😂😂Denise your hilarious and fir real tho I needed a good laugh out w!

      2. So true, I was so overwhelmed when I first got on here with all the followers. I eventually deleted the app and didn’t get back on it for a few months.

    4. Hi Ken, Poshmark will give us a list of new Poshmark members so that we can share any listings you may have. Some may also follow you. Once you get more familiar with Poshmark, you may find this is something that as an Ambassador we are suppose too share listings from new members. Hope this helps! I personally don’t follow everyone I come in contact with! Trust me, there is still a lot I don’t really understand!! 😊 Bobbi

  17. May I suggest that to become an ambassador that one would also have to have purchased at least 20 items from others closets? This would give sellers more insight into how to advertise and become a better seller. An ambassador should be well rounded and not just a big time seller with hundreds of no or poor description listings and slow response times. Sellar would learn to be more intentive to buyer questions and concerns. I think lowering the commission JUST on high level poshers would encourage mass spamming with junk listing just to reach a higher level. I wish Poshmark would become more about the people, the individual, instead of mass volume dealers. I think PM fees should be based on selling price. Anything under $20 would be 10%, $20 to $50 15%, $50 to $100 would be 20%, and everything over $100 would be 25%. That would be a fair deal and help both seller and buyer and encourage lower prices for the buyer and result in more money for the seller.

    1. I very much liked the idea of requiring purchases be made to become an ambassador, although 5-10 is a more reasonable number.
      Your suggested commission structure is, in my opinion, upside down. Bear in mind that the bulk of my listings are below $30 so I would personally benefit from your proposal. 10% of $5 is 50 cents which doesn’t cover Poshmark’s administrative costs or help to cushion our shipping fees which are very favorable. Transversely 10% of $500 dollars is $50 and workable for all parties. Currently we would lose $100 at 20% and would be $125 at your proposed structure.
      One way or another we are all in this for the money. Whether it’s selling or buying quality or hard to find items at good prices. This includes our host who has far more at stake than the individual, myself included. I am working hard at making Poshmark my sole source of income and just feel like we need to be aware of how lucky we all are to have landed on this unique site that, in my opinion, favors the individual sellers over corporate sites.
      Good luck to you and keep posting your thoughts! I truly hope this came across in a helpful and respectful manner as intended. I do a lot on Quora where I am often deliberately argumentative which I would never do intentionally in Poshmark.

  18. Where do I find new poshers to share? I think the Ambazsador requirements are way out of line and encourage spamming and mass listing void of important info that all buyers deserve.5000 shares is rediculous and void of any budding Ambassador caring or really knowing what they are sharing. For example sharing a poorly done listing is common and void of anything positive for PM. I find many Ambassadors never repond to questions about their listing as maintaining hundreds of listing is a lot of work. Many Ambassadors have abandon their closets. I think time on PM and quality of your closet is more important to PM success than all the silly games like mass sharing of 5000. I try to keep my closet neat and arranged just like my physical closet. I wish there was a way to move around listing without having to edit each one in the order I want. I like to keep all my sold items at the bottom, so any new visitor will see items for sale and neatly arranged.

    1. If you share your for sale items with your followers and leave the sold alone, then they will fall to below your for sale items. I hope that makes sense

    2. I never had an issue reaching 5000 and i didn’t need a “share bot” to do it. Break it up into daily chunks. I only shared listings and brands i liked with good photos and reasonable asking prices. You can use the 5000 share requirement to make an example of the best Posh has to offer as opposed to mass sharing. Share your friends closets, or closets that donate proceeds to charities instead. Happy poshing!

      1. Right-it took me no time at all to reach 5000 shares,I share all the time-and don’t use bots or other unfair programs-and usually share at least 50000 a month+

      2. 5000 is definitely doable but it’s no breeze. I’m a devoted Posher Ambassador II but not by any means bragging ..just trying to add a little credibility to my insights on this blog. And with that i’d like to say that the number one most important thing when it comes to Posh is….SHARING. Honestly nothing else really matters as much. The amount of sharing needed is almost full-time & 5000 takes awhile doing it manually & honestly. Anyone who says they reach 5000 no problem is either an obsessive Posher that lives on the app 24/7, is using a bot, or most likely exaggerating. becuz it is very time consuming each share takes us all the exact same amount of time. Now claiming u share 50,000 a month like it’s nothing?? please. to achieve that it’d take every last second of your time. So let’s not pretend that’s true & if it is, you cheating.

    3. Hi there! I’m not sure how long you have been doing this or how many sales you have had so my intent is only to try to respectfully provide advice for success here.That being said- depending on what your personal goals are on the platform- if you are trying to sell your items whether to make money or just to get rid of items you have laying around, or both…. You are not going to make any sales UNless u share your items and share other other peoples items as well. That’s how your items get exposure…. Same goes with following. So I would suggest if u want to sell your own items, you share other peoples items. They will return the favor. I wouldn’t be offended by this, people do it to HELP YOU OUT. If you do t want your items shared, simply make a post that says please don’t share your items- of course that sounds ridiculous to even say because it’s the whole point of how the platform works. If you don’t like the way it works try selling ur items on EBay or platforms but it doesn’t make sense to be offended by the mass sharing- just because you may not like the item being shared, someone else may and besides that it draws traffic to their closets

    4. I do not see any responses to the “Where do I find new poshers to share?” Anyone know? I have been trying to figure this out. Thanks in advance!!

      1. I just spent 30 min responding and lost it all

        Go to the main page of your account.
        Click “find people”

        Two types
        1). Just joined
        2). Fresh closets

        Just joined is your best bet. Click follow and click their name. Then click “about” on the top of their closet

        This will tell you when they joined and it will give you access to any reviews they may have.

        Since they are new they may not have listings to share. If they do, then share.

        You can try fresh closets. These people may not all be new. They may be active as a buyer and just decided to start selling

        Go ahead and share some of their listings anyhow. Follow also

        Your going to see weird user names:

        Xckrevjjjjf_rec234. For example. Many feel they are BOTS. I don’t know but I simply don’t follow or share.

        Some people offer follow and share games. Here you meet a lot of people and get a lot of exposure on your own closet

        One person who offfes them is @coachandtrunk

        Hope this helps. Reach out anytime @rsoopasta1

    1. two levels. click on link in your stats to see how far along you are. for example, the only thing keeping me from PA2 status is that Ive never recruited any new poshers. And I have no intention on doing so. I wi stay red star

    2. 2 levels and if you click on posh stats and ambassador you’ll see your progress good luck

  19. My purchase from a posh ambassador, @louie0415, has yet to ship almost 8 days post purchase. I think it is absurd I cannot get in touch with my seller, who I see is ACTIVE EVERY HOUR I happen to log into PoshMark to see my order. The way that PoshMark works is wrong.

    1. Hi there…have you contacted poshmark support? I would suggest you go to you order and then select report a problem and explain that the issue is with shipping. I hope your situation gets resolved.

    2. Shipping tracking on my outgoing orders has not been showing up until delivery or day of. That’s on USPS end. Hope you get this straightened out. Only takes 1 bad experience to loose my business. But no response is disrespectful! I’d look for it from another seller. I always read love notes given to seller before I purchase. Reach out to Poshmark support. They are usually very helpful!🌸

      1. I completely agree! I have had a few situations now where I sent out items that were either never received or went to the wrong customers. For example, I had one situation where I sent out three packages in one day and they all went to wrong people. I think clearly this was a shipping information error on poshmark’s part as one of the customers in the situation suggested as well. However, I can at least say that Poshmark was fair in that none of the people involved lost out. They did not take my earnings and they did refund the buyers. And it seemed to be obvious because even when they sent the information out to the respective customers to return to each other and the customers agreed to do so, they still all arrived at the wrong addresses or didn’t arrive at all. However, I’ve now had the situation again and in this situation the item was accepted because it had been 3 days and I was given my earnings and then five or six long days later the buyer gave me a negative review, the only one I have in fact, saying that the item never showed up. And very much as you said, one negative review can hurt your Poshmark status and reputation terribly and I feel like it has to a certain extent. So the truth is, I don’t know if they just have many, many scammers on the site going unchecked or if it’s Poshmark with erroneous shipping information but I have reached out to Poshmark to check on this, if in fact it is a USPS situation, to absolutely no avail. It has been several weeks and I’ve not received a response at all. I’m praying this is not a continuous problem as I’ve already begun to reach out to other sites as other options. I also read a comment from a Poshmark seller just today right here about mass sharing to reach the goal of becoming a Poshmark ambassador. It boggled my mind because although I understand exactly what’s being suggested and believe it is happening I genuinely do it just because I feel like it’s good business sense and I also want to help everyone else in my situation. It made me wonder if other Poshers on the selling end are looking at me as such. Although it shouldn’t matter, that would bother me because I certainly want my constituents to know that this is important to me and something that I take great responsibility for. Well everyone have a blessed day and thanks so much for your comments and several subjects to consider. I have learned greatly from you all.

    3. Agreed. Poshmark structure has some serious flaws and their support pretty much just sends out canned, generic responses with a dash of condescension 🤦🏽‍♀️ All but one of my purchases have gone well with all credit due to the sellers. The one time I had an issue poshmark was zero help and included implied threats that my Poshmark status was “in jeopardy” because I contacted paypal for help when all I received from poshmark were generic, canned emails.

    4. My thoughts…..There could be several reasons why someone may be taking awhile to ship out an item. We are only human and being such we can’t control outside forces that may keep us from doing what needs to be done. Illness/Covid, inclement weather conditions, a death in the family, car trouble, domestic violence or other issues, theft of items that are one’s poshmark items, the USPS could have dropped the ball…I have experienced many of these things. Now if a Posh ambassador after you have contacted them is not answering as to why they cannot ship out an item then there could be issues there. I hope you resolve your issues soon. Many Blessings and Stay Safe.

    5. Same here.. waiting 6 days now on this ambassador!! I should be able to message them about their poor customer service.

      1. I have had the same issue. I go to sellers love notes, to see what kind of seller they are. Even with good love notes, I have had some bad orders! 8 days to ship, item just thrown in a box etc! I even bought a bundle of tops , that came smelling like, they had been worn, and not washed. 🤔I have ordered quite a few more tens from others. Only a couple lived up to my expectations.

    6. Cait – create a bundle from their closet and send a message from the bundle.

    7. This has happened to me . My seller just lied and didn’t send it to be spiteful. Poshmark did nothing! I waited 21 days . Now I’m out of what I really wanted and the seller has no punishment for deliberately not shipping it to me. She was on the site everyday and posted items during these 21 days but couldn’t send my item. Sellers like her are a disgusting display of what not to be like to people you don’t know.I was discriminated against for her own twisted way of mind. I’m so upset.

  20. @mthulin25. I am so damn pissed. I should have the right to confirm or deny. I should have the last say. Cancel everything from. @mthulin25X. Don’t appreciate automatically using my credit card on file. I am so extremely mad. If these orders aren’t completely canceled, I will close my account. Never order again. Michele

    1. Hi Michelle. I just stumbled on this site while learning about Posh Ambassador status. Am I at the right place to comment ideas and thoughts? Below, I did write a message about an idea i have. And i read your comment as well as others here in this feed. Is this a place to open up for all or am I in someones acct? Lol. I’m just wandering around…..
      So you had a bad experience? What happened?. If i can assiset you as a fellow Posher, please let me know. 🙏@pearlsbowtique

    2. Explain how she used ur credit card on file. I’m getting nervous because I know there’s a lot of fake Tiffany on here! I already had one. Took it to my personal jeweler and he was cleaning it and it was brads underneath. So he took his business card and wrote on the back of it gor Poshmark to contact him. I got my money back!!! I always take jewelry to my guy to have it authenticated!! I have 3 days from the time I get it. Then if it’s not real I post yo support.


    1. I didn’t set a goal..
      as I do not do that..what for anyway?
      People buy when they wsnt to.
      I dont push people .

  22. I love ordering from this posher! My first order was a bundle of “chance” fitting denim after having my second child and after losing some fluff I was so pleased with my purchase! She is very relatable and understanding. Her products are as described and ships accordingly! I just reordered again and can’t wait to receive my denim again.
    Thank you for your service, as a customer and a quality person!

    1. I think Posh Ambassador status awards us lots of lovely benefits. Although, I feel we deserve just a bit more once we qualify. I would like to see Posh grant Ambassadors a commission discount. That is, instead of the 20% we pay as an entry level seller, this status grants us 18% pay out, thus saving Ambassadors 2% in their pocket. In time this 2% savings to seller would add up and be used to improve, expand, & promote their closet. I honestly believe this to be a brilliant and highly motivational benefit that would pay out to both Poshmark and sellers as sellers will strive to reach that goal faster. And i believe it would draw in more Posh clientele.

      1. Lowering the commission that they take from us as we “level up” is an amazing idea! The 20% cut is absolutely ridiculous 🙁

      2. I think this is a wonderful idea. The current advantages to being a Poshmark Ambassador are not helpful to me as a seller at all. Money in my pocket for working hard to reach PM Ambassador status would definitely motivate me to continue on to complete PM Ambassador II status.

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