PoshFest 2017: The Hackathon Results Are In

The Poshmark engineering team unveiled not one, not two…BUT FOUR new features recommended by YOU at this year’s PoshFest and we couldn’t be more excited about them. Read on to learn about each of these features, coming your way soon!

Your Closet Clear Out woes are no more! Ever forget your lowest historical price (aka the sweet spot you need to hit to trigger discounted shipping)?! Now, that’s a thing of the past—with this tool you’ll be able to automatically calculate what’s 10% off your lowest price.

Sharing just got quicker! When you press & hold your finger on a listing, the mini menu that pops up will soon include a single tap to share!

Get ready all you power Poshers, once you fill out your listing title, we’ll automagically fill in category, subcategory, color, and brand for you! This will be launched on the web listing feature and will work it’s way to the app.

A new feature to help you close that deal! When offering private discounts in The Dressing Room, sellers will soon be able to offer discounted shipping as well.. UM, yes!

Stay tuned, these features are coming to the app over the coming weeks. We’ll be sure to keep you posted!


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