This is Your Chance to Star in the Official PoshFest 2017 Video!

PoshFest is right around the corner! While we hope to see everyone there, we know (sadly) that our entire community can’t join us which is why we have an opportunity for YOU to participate in our official video that debuts at the event.

This is your chance to spread the #PoshLove whether you’re attending or not. All you have to do? Follow the directions below.

  1. Grab your smartphone or camera (the higher quality, the better) and set up to shoot a horizontal video against a well-lit background. (we recommend natural light)
  2. Hit record! Introduce yourself & your Poshmark closet name and answer these questions:
  • What have you learned on your Poshmark journey?
  • What has being part of the Poshmark community taught you about yourself?
  • How has Poshmark made a difference in your life?
  1. End the video by saying “I love Poshmark!”
  2. Send the video (unedited and around a minute duration please) our way to, no later than Wednesday, September 13th.

Thanks so much for sharing your story and making Poshmark the fabulous community it is today!

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