Poshmark Update: Account Verifier Tool Now Available!


Serving and protecting our community is our number one priority. It has come to our attention that a small number of Poshmark accounts were impacted by fraudsters who were using usernames and passwords stolen from other websites to gain access to Poshmark accounts.

Poshmark systems remain secure and intact, and we have no reason to believe that your account was impacted.

Today, as part of our efforts to serve you better, we are providing a tool for those who would like to verify changes to their accounts. The Account Change Verifier can be used to double check that only you have made important changes to your account.

The Account Change Verifier is available any time via your Account Tab > Poshmark Support Center.

One thought on “Poshmark Update: Account Verifier Tool Now Available!

  1. Well I have to wonder about my account, I received a fraudulent report from my banking institution. I am only Blessed that my bank figured out that I couldn’t be in 2 places at the same time using the same card! I don’t think it happened here, because it was a local fraud incident, but has soon has I receive my new card, I will update my info!

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