A #PoshLove Story: @jcradd & Her Fiancé, Tyler


Our final #PoshLove story is too good to be true, but it is! Jessica (@jcradd) and her fiancé Tyler are funding their upcoming wedding with what they make from Jessica’s Poshmark business. #PoshWedding, anyone?! Through thick and thin, these two share their love and support while building their empire. Read on to hear just how they do it:


How did you guys meet?

We met playing video games on Xbox Live. I had been friends with Tyler’s work buddies since I was 15 years old playing the same online games. We had never really talked before until one night he got online to play and we just started talking. A week later he added me on Facebook and we chatted a bit. I lied saying my laptop was dying and I didn’t have my charger. I gave him my number and told him to text me so we could keep talking. A few weeks later he showed up at my house in Georgia without warning from Iowa and the rest is history.

How has Poshmark changed your life?

Because of Poshmark we were able to pay the bills when I was in law school and Tyler got hurt at work. We’ve been able to use Poshmark as a tool to pay for trips, medical bills, and just everyday life expenses (along with a few luxury splurges, like my first Louis Vuitton bag and Tyler’s Louis wallet). We have made amazing PFFs I talk to every day, and I’ve even found my sister from another mister in Lyn, my PoshFest co-speaker. Thanks to Posh, my fiancé and I have been able to explore new cities while sourcing for my store, meet amazing people all over the place thanks to the Poshmark Seller Tips Facebook group we run, and get to spend quality time together while doing something every girl loves, shopping. We even brought a tiny Posher into the world in the form of a little grey kitten lovingly nicknamed PoshKitten (he’s #PoshFamous on Facebook!)

Tyler came to PoshFest, how would he describe the experience?

Tyler: I love the experience. It was awesome seeing so many empowered women. My only downside was I wanted to see more men standing up with their women and pushing them to be successful. PoshFest for me was an amazing experience where I knew Jessica and I could learn things to help grow our business. I loved talking to the tech team as that’s my cup of tea and learning about new features of the app. It was also great to be able to talk with everyday users who have vastly different experiences from us and share tips and tricks. I would also love to see more men on panels at PoshFest and would love to be part of one myself in the future if the opportunity arises to inspire more guys to help their women be #LadyBosses.

How does your fiancé help you Posh? Is he involved in the business?

Tyler is involved in every aspect of the Posh business. He is my self proclaimed shipping department, and there are pictures all over social media and my closet of him standing beside towers of packages. (He’s 6’5″ lol) Above and beyond that, Tyler helps me with everything. In sourcing, he helps me search racks of clothes and dig through bins and drives me around and buys me food while I’m Poshing away on my phone. When listing he helps move inventory as I photograph. He also does measurements while I write descriptions. Later he does inventory organization, pulls clothes that sell and helps pack and ship every item with TLC. I always tell buyers if there is an issue with your packaging blame my man not me please!

How will Poshmark play a role in your wedding?

We plan on having a bunch of PFFs in attendance. It was funny when sending out save the dates how many were going to amazing lady bosses I’ve become close with all over the country. I’m also ordering a lot of cute bride clothes, and my bridesmaids gifts and accessories off the app. I love shopping on Poshmark for everything I possibly can. If I could buy wedding decor on there I would buy that too! Maybe if we send invites Manish, Amanda, Adiel, and the rest of team PMHQ might make an appearance? Then it can be a real #PoshLoveFest blowout. 😉

And that’s a wrap on our #PoshLove Story series! From a mother/daughter duo to husband and wife to best friends and to a married couple to be, we’ve been so thrilled to share these unique stories with you all! Poshmark truly has an amazing community made up of so many incredible individuals and so much #PoshLove! 

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