A #PoshLove Story: @ediza & @wheelsinthewell


There’s a new kind of #PoshLove story now, thanks to the addition of Men’s on Poshmark! Enter Ediza (@ediza) and Ryan (@wheelsinthewell), a husband/wife Posh duo who support each other with love, commitment AND shares! (Couples who Posh together, stay together – right?!) Read on to see how they put their #PoshLove to work!




How’d you two meet?
Ediza: We met through work but we were in different departments. I remember that I noticed that Ryan was paying attention to me more than usual and we just started hitting it off! I remember that he had an amazing sense of humor and sweetness about him (still does!). Since then we’ve been like magnets, never wanting to separate!

How does Poshmark play a role in your relationship?
Ryan: Well at first, Ediza was completely hooked. Since she made her first sale, her closet became her little online store. Now that Poshmark opened it’s doors to menswear, I can finally see why she was so hooked. We’ve been really trying to make this a family business for us. She does all the marketing research and shopping, we collaborate on cover shots, she does the accounting and I primarily do all the shipping. We stick to our strengths, so we make a good team.

What does #PoshLove mean to you?
Ediza: For me #PoshLove is not just about supporting each other in the community, but it’s also a LOVE for Poshmark. We love Poshmark for all the support that the team has given to not only us, but to all the members of the community. There isn’t an organization that puts a lot of its efforts into its members as much as Poshmark does. They empower their users with confidence to achieve their goals and help support one another. When we first moved to Michigan, I still had Poshmark and the support of the community to still keep going. Even after leaving my job, I still was able to use Poshmark as a great source of income, and I can take it anywhere if we do move again.

Ryan: When I first started Poshmark, being a male in a female-dominated platform, I was unexpectedly welcomed with an abundant amount of #PoshLove. So many people were willing to help, give me tips, suggestions, compliments, and even make passes at me. lol. But to start something that is typically out of your element (I enjoy airplanes and motorcycles), and to learn so much by so many people, really speaks to the community. #PoshLove is a very unique and special thing that makes up the fabric of Poshmark.

What has been the best Valentine’s Day you have had together?
Ediza: As much as I would like to make up some over the top story about my husband, there’s one Valentine’s Day that really meant a lot to me. We decided one year that we weren’t going to buy each other gifts, we were going to make each other gifts. Ryan had spent hours and hours looking at video tutorials on how to make paper mache roses. He spent all day, and had numerous tries to make me the most beautiful rose. Not only did he make me one, but he made me 12! It was the sweetest thing ever, and the time and effort he put into it, just made my heart melt.

Ryan: Ediza is an excellent cook, one year she decided to make all my favorites all throughout the day with a surprise picnic during lunch. Then at night she even made my favorite dessert, a fresh skillet cookie. MMmmMmMm! She definitely knows the way to my heart!

Flowers or chocolates?
Ryan: Chocolates
Ediza: Ryan’s paper mache flowers 

What are ways you two show #PoshLove to each other?
I think we’re a really good team because we do a check and balance for one another. If Ryan ships out the wrong item, we start going over brands and we go over how to distinguish different garments. If I go over budget (which happens a lot) Ryan’s there to share a few more times throughout the day to help make some extra sales, and set up ways to help manage the budget better. We are constantly support systems for one another so there’s a lot of #PoshLove in this home!

Anything else to add about Poshmark and your relationship?
As of this year we decided to kick it up a notch from just my closet, to opening up Ryan’s menswear closet as well. Ryan also launched his blog too, sharing all of his experiences from flying, Poshmark, to cycling. His goal this year is to train and ride in a century ride (100 miles!), and training to get his commercial license for flying.

Apart from my blog that is currently getting a new makeover, we’re *hopefully* going to expand into a #PoshMini closet soon!  😉

Valentine’s Day Gift Picks

We asked Ediza & Ryan what they would gift one another for Valentine’s Day, shop their picks below!

For Ediza


For Ryan


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