A #PoshLove Story: @suitcasegoals & @celestegeorge

The biggest day of #PoshLove (AKA Valentine’s Day) is right around the corner and to celebrate, we wanted to highlight just a few of the amazing relationships that have been further strengthened by their Poshmark experience. You know what they say “Those who Posh together stay together.” RIGHT?!

We’re not just here to chat with significant others, we’re here to share all types of relationships! We’re kicking off our first #PoshLove story with a mighty Mother – Daughter duo: Celeste (@celestegeorge), and daughter, Bethany (@suitcasegoals), who even attended PoshFest 2016 together– omg #goals. Read on to hear more about how they grew their relationship through Poshing.


Who found Poshmark first?
Bethany: I found Poshmark first in 2014. A college friend showed me a cute bag she bought on the app and the rest is history! My mom started helping me source inventory shortly after I got started and would help me take photos as well. When my mom got her first smartphone last Mother’s Day I convinced her to start her own closet. She was finding so many great items on Poshmark that I couldn’t keep up with how fast she was buying!

How does Poshmark play a role in your relationship with your Mother?
Bethany: Since May, we have been working together to promote both of our closets and it has been amazing to be able to work together from different cities.  Right now we are only an hour apart but this summer I will be moving from San Diego to the Chicago area.

Celeste: It will be a big change not being able to work together in the same place but we love that we have Poshmark as something we can continue to work on together every day even when we are in different states. It is so fun calling each other about the amazing finds we come by and debating whether or not we should accept an offer!

What does #PoshLove mean to you?
Bethany: To me, #PoshLove is about the community. It’s sharing your PFF’s closet because you know they’re having a slow day, congratulating someone on hosting their first party, and the pure excitement you get when you finally meet your PFF in person.

Celeste: We have had so much fun attending Poshfest and meetups together. Through these events, we have met so many amazing Poshers that we now consider our close friends.

What are ways you two show #PoshLove to each other?
Celeste: We definitely show each other a lot of #PoshLove. We share each other’s closets daily, take photos for each other, and really just about everything!

Bethany: It’s amazing being able to run our businesses together and have someone who gets it when I yell, “Yay! I just made a bundle sale!”

How cute are they? The cutest.


Do you have an inspiring #PoshLove story? Share it in the comments below!

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