App Update Alert: Photos Just Got a Major Upgrade


Did you hear that?! Posh Pics are bigger and better than ever!

Bigger photos means you can take an even closer look and this combined with the zoom feature we just released? Posh pics never looked better! 

Better yet, say goodbye to “Additional Photos” listings—we’re doubling the number of photos per listing from 4 to 8!

Ready to take these highly requested features for a spin? Update your app now!

P.S. We have SO many exciting new app updates coming your way! Stay tuned.


As iPhones get bigger, text just keeps on getting smaller! Got an iPhone 6 or 7 Plus and need help tweaking your text size? No problem. Check out our step by step guide below!

Step 1: Tap on Settings and select Display & Brightness.

Step 2: Select Text Size.

Step 3: Drag the slider to the right to increase your text size to your preferred size.

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