#PoshLoveFest: Poshmark’s 5th Birthday Recap


Thanks to all who helped us celebrate our 5th Birthday with so much #PoshLove at PMHQ, in app, and live across the country! Not only did we have an awesome birthday party with the local community at HQ, we
Posh Partied allllll day long in the app from 9am-9pm! That in combination with the 30 community-hosted events across the country… this birthday definitely goes down in the books.

Now, the moment you’ve all been waiting for….the share goal announcement!

Our original goal was to spread the Posh Love and break our daily shares record—and we definitely challenged you with a super lofty 10 million shares goal. Not only did we break the all-time shares record by sharing over 7 million items in a single day, but we also broke the all-time record for number of Host Picks! (WOO HOO!) 13,000 items were selected as Host Picks yesterday in the biggest Posh Party day in Poshmark history (now THAT’S how we spread the #PoshLove).

To celebrate these amazing feats, we’re sharing the love by making a donation to an incredible organization, Dress for Success.

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Find the full album from PMHQ’s party here.

#PoshLoveFest is truly the gift the keeps on giving because yesterday we truly came together as a community and smashed two major records and for that, we thank you. In the words of our Founder & CEO – the best is yet to come!

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