#PoshLoveFest: Poshmark is Turning 5

Go shorty, it’s our birthday, we’re gonna Posh Party like it’s our birthday! That’s right, Poshmark is turning 5 this year on December 6th, and we’re so excited to celebrate this huge milestone with you – our amazing community.

Ready to party? GREAT! In true Poshmark fashion, we’re throwing Posh Parties ALL DAY (both in the app and live across the country) to spread the Posh Love to every single community member and create the largest day of sharing we’ve ever had on the platform – let’s do this!

For those in the Bay Area, we’re having a very special party at Poshmark HQ hosted by Team Posh! You can RSVP here!

Want to join the fun in your own city? Take a look at the list of live parties happening across the country below and be sure to spread the word to your PFFs using #PoshLoveFest on social media!

Birmingham, AL hosted by @poshjeepgirl
Corona, CA hosted by @mizfabulousity and @sandy_98
Long Beach, CA hosted by @misssarom and @runwaytrash
Los Angeles, CA hosted by @cmjla
Newport Beach, CA hosted by @jill555
Denver, CO hosted by @ex_globetrotter and @reinl
Loveland, CO hosted by @lynemma @shopwitheileen @wildarrow, and @a_mcg
Glastonbury, CT hosted by @shopnccloset
Washington, DC hosted by @mrsdiva703 and @isa_wine_lover
Ormond Beach, FL hosted by @4sq
Atlanta, GA hosted by @jcradd and @atlqueenie
Honolulu, HI hosted by @larochelle/@deuxbox and @hulagirl2013
Alexandria, LA hosted by @janismarie and @poshmishmosh
Boston, MA hosted by @aflattery and @proverbs_31
Boston, MA hosted by @tweedandlace
Manchester, ME hosted by @alluck1210
Detroit, MI hosted by @ediza, @rorilima, and @allinheels
Kansas City, MO hosted by @foundforyou
Fayetteville, NC hosted by @khattie
Raleigh-Durham, NC hosted by @racktivity and @mikesdumplin
Las Vegas, NV hosted by @lizzyandjaneco, @kaimiq, and @tulasid
Flatiron, NY hosted by @icaton, @chicaccessories, @matadora1978, and @maidmarian
New York, NY hosted by @epicstorm and @fashionista21
Queens, NY hosted by @bthereasap and @fat10lbcat
Syracuse, NY hosted by @teenmomx3, and @lgolivardia
Skippack, PA hosted by @
ringleader, @violet507 and @poshgrl517
Nashville, TN hosted by @queenmumm
Provo, UT hosted by @kayydev and @cvandam13
Federal Way, WA hosted by @travelinggirl68
Seattle, WA hosted by @ellebee206

Lastly, get ready to share like you’ve never shared before on December 6th. We’ll be tracking our shares in real-time and updating you throughout the day as we reach towards our goal.

3 thoughts on “#PoshLoveFest: Poshmark is Turning 5

  1. LET’S DO THIS FOR ALL OF US, DOLLS! 👄 😘 ALSO , I am also a person.that will donate for the cause as well because we have a very similar program! I am an, account executive I have been for eighteen years… I have more suits than I have time to post …..I would love to give, back! I’m in for the party ladies let’s do this hunnies! 👄 😘 😘

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