PoshFest Day Two: Panels, Brands, Mentor Sessions, & More!

PoshFest Day Two: so good, yet bittersweet! The last day of PoshFest 2016 was
jam-packed with fun, mentoring, and of course, what we do best — shopping!


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Welcoming Brands to the Poshmark Community

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Our very own co-founder and VP of Merchandising, Tracy Sun (@tracy), led a panel full of founders of their own respective brands: Tiffany Ish of T + J Designs, Eva Spitzer of Peony and Moss, Patricia Dassios of La Mienne, and Joanna of Sadie + Sage.

These boss women discussed what bringing their brands to the Poshmark Wholesale Marketplace has done for them, and how our community has helped shaped their businesses. #GOALS

Social Media 411: How to Build An Engaged Audience and a Powerful Presence

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Poshmark’s resident social media guru Amanda (@fashionableeme) and community member Abby (@abbyhamer) teamed up and led a social media workshop; their takeaways:

  • Have your content fall into one of three buckets: helpful, relevant or entertaining.
  • If you’re just getting started pick no more than three channels to focus on to see what works best for you.
  • When it comes to Instagram, use hashtags and always tag relevant brands and accounts in your photos for more exposure.
  • People connect with people – don’t be afraid to infuse your personality into your social media!

Fireside Chat: What REALLY Happens When a Feature is Launched at Poshmark?

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Poshmark’s Director of Product Vanessa (@vanessa) and the company’s technical co-founders Gautam (@gautam) and Chetan (@cpungaliya) weighed in on the process of bringing new features to the app. Check out the team’s Hackathon recap here to see what four new features are headed your way soon!

Mentor Sessions

Lessons in Leveling Up

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#PoshBoss Kyle Hallmark (@khallmark9) led her session and gave some major insights on how she leveled up her business and how you can do the same:

  • Form a relationship with the brands you carry in your boutique
  • Her business really started to take off when she found her niche after realizing her brand should be true to her personal #momstrong lifestyle
  • She found that investing 50% of her earnings back into her business was a good way to support her family while leveling up

Posh/Life Balance

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Posh rockstars Lyn (@lynemma) and Jessica (@jcradd) led their session on balancing Posh with other responsibilities in life (all while making sales!). Their key points:

  • Strategize your time on the app to get the most out of it 
  • Share, share, share!

The Key to Creating Eye-Catching Covershots

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Covershot queens Karis (@karisrenee) and Abby (@abbyhamer) led our community through two fab Covershot demos.

Closet Consultations

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Our fabulous Closet Consultants gave Poshers their advice, with each specializing in areas such as merchandising, analytics, shipping, packaging, and the list goes on!

Brenda (@queenmumm)
Daneen (@fashionista21)
Erika (@erikagannon)
Gaby (@ghtinoco)
Janis (@janismarie)
Jena (@jenaforsberg)
Jessica (@flowersandgray)
Joanne (@stylelinkmiami)
Kathy (@katjo)
Katrina (@katralvin)
Kelly (@crazyposh)

How to Become #Poshmark Famous

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Wait, does this panel even need an introduction? #PoshFamous women, Karis (@karisrenee), Denise (@dasrozo), and Shiela (@ex_globetrotter) took the stage and killed it with these four takeaways:

  • “There are no such thing as competitors [on Poshmark], it’s a community. They’re not competition, they’re a business opportunity.” – Karis
  • Don’t buy anything you can’t photograph. Visuals are everything.
  • Hosting and attending meet-ups and events will broaden your Posh horizon, just like it did for Shiela
  • Being an early adopter of new additions pays off (like Denise with kidswear!)

Closing Remarks from Manish Chandra


And with that, our CEO and founder, Manish, gave his closing remarks. See you for 2017! *wink*


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