CEO Chat with Manish Chandra

Say it ain’t so – PoshFest is over! (Insert sad face emoji.) To help our Monday blues out we had a super special Livestream guest – our beloved CEO, the man himself, Manish! Like us, Manish is bummed PoshFest is over but that doesn’t mean the learnings (and fun) have to stop.

Manish and our go-to social media guru, Amanda, discussed some of the main takeaways from this year’s PoshFest.

Manish’s favorite part? The amazing Poshers of course!
We had over double the amount of Poshers this year versus last year – swoon! Our community just keeps growing. Manish pointed out how amazing it is to see Poshers continue to level up their experience, from Closet to Boutique to full on Brands.

Manish has also dreamed of seeing a runway show featuring our Poshers and our Wholesale Brands for years, so to see it become a reality was amazing!

PoshFest is a great way to connect to the community
PoshFest is a great time to focus on Poshmark’s core values and introduce a lot of new Poshers into the community! Before Manish went on stage, we shared a We Are Poshmark video (which we’ll be posting later this week!) and it was all the feels. We have a diverse, supportive community that we are fiercely proud of. With over 2 million sellers alone on Poshmark, it’s safe to say there’s a lot of Posh Love.

We’ve also been movin’ and shakin’ over the past year!
With the launch of Boutiques, Wholesale, Kid’s and Men’s fashion all over the past 12 months, we’ve been pretty busy. Why? Every change we make and every step we take is to help empower you more. We aim to create new ways for you to style, sell and share so that you and your business can grow.

PoshMARKET was HUGE at PoshFest!
Fashion brands are quickly becoming part of the Poshmark community. We have over 100 brands that are available in Wholesale, and growing! The best part is that many of these fashion brands originated in the Poshmark community! Manish points out that we are seeing a big shift in retail. Now more than ever we want to empower our community to not only be buyers and sellers, but to be powerful enough to start trends.

Manish says it’s the Poshmark Community that is changing the face of Retail…
At the core of fashion and retail, it’s not about the product, but how the product makes you feel. Poshmark provides the human connection that has been missing from fashion. You know how sometimes you’re super close to buying something on Posh, but you’re worried about how it’ll fit? So you leave a comment and some super nice Posher across the country describes exactly how a pair of jeans fits so you can make a better judgement? Yeah, we’re talking about that kind of #PoshLove.

Also the crazy power of Poshmark Seller Stylists…
You know all our amazing sellers? Yeah, they’re rockstars. They style themselves, merchandise their closets and help other Poshers with their own personal style!

New features? Heck yes!
At PoshFest, our incredible engineers took part in a Hack-a-thon to build feature that you requested. On the spot. (We still think they’re magic.) Our favorite upcoming features? Being able to zoom in on pictures and sort by price! Woo hoo! Manish let us all in on a little secret – a new shop tab is coming our way! Can’t wait!

Poshmark is a Platform Powered by Love
Manish says that the platform is completely powered by you, our wonderful community. Poshmark is unique in that in order to grow yourself, you have to support others, for example through sharing. Another important facet of Poshmark? The community comes first. We are always thinking of ways to make your Poshmark experience the best it can be!


Questions from the Audience

Will PoshFest ever come to the East Coast!?
Possibly! We love shaking up the location each year, and Manish says there is no reason PoshFest couldn’t be on the East Coast one day!

What about the Suggested User Program?
We are working to make the SU Program more transparent and more local! It’ll be a month or two until we will be rolling out the update, but we heard your comments!

How about Posh Parties for Men!?
They’re coming! The response to Men’s Fashion on Posh has been huge so watch this space for more updates.

And international!?
We hope so and are working on it!  

How about Pop-Ups?
Pop-Ups are short term experiments that we are testing out! We love partnering with brands and celebrities to bring you the best style. It’s so fun to connect Poshmark with the broader fashion community! Expect more exciting Pop-Ups coming soon…

So many exciting things on the horizon, we can hardly wait!

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  1. Thank you for giving me the chance to make myself stronger, to provide for my girls.. After I was hurt while working a flight and the injury evolved into a struggle from pain. My Jenn posted a few pieces to help pay for anything she could she talked me into posting a few pieces. Lol. Well 2 years later and lots of sales I do feel happier and fulfilled. I needed this and the Friends I’ve made as well. I wish I could hug your neck and say Thank you. With my Love, Theresa

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