The PoshFest Hackathon Results Are In


Can you believe we had our very own Hackathon at PoshFest this year?! We had YOU, our community, send in app feature ideas, and NBD we received over 2,000 suggestions! Our awesome team of engineers took the most requested features, came to PoshFest, and asked everyone there to vote on one feature they would build out LIVE that weekend.

Surprise, surprise. Our team built-out not just one, but ALL FOUR new product features. *and the crowd actually went wild*


These new features are coming to Poshmark in the next few months:


How MAJOR is this?! Get excited, and stay tuned for these app update releases!


One thought on “The PoshFest Hackathon Results Are In

  1. I think this is spectacular news! All of these are valid features but I am especially excited about capability to reply to comments! Thank you!!

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