PoshFest Changed This Woman’s Life Forever

Screen Shot 2016-07-28 at 5.24.56 PMWhen you bring together hundreds of Poshers from all across the country for our biggest event of the year (aka PoshFest), stories and memories are bound to be made. Brenda (@queenmumm) just happened to tell hers in a way that had us laughing and crying at the same time – we just had to share and inspire you to tell yours as well.

Brenda, a Nashville native, descended on her very first PoshFest journey four years ago all by herself. Travelling to Las Vegas and not knowing anyone IRL, she had her fair share of reservations about the event. Upon arriving two days early, she was desperate for a Posh connection. Searching high and low for a PFF she finally met up with @Mizfabulousity. Brenda writes, “[Miz] was the first. And she will always be my longest Posh hug.” (We can’t even, so cute.)

She also notes meeting a Posher named Crystal, whom she dubs her “Posh wifey” and adds, “Note to new Poshers: yes, you may end up with a Posh wifey one day. It’s all in good fun, completely innocent, and it reveals just how addicted you are to Poshmark. Best wishes finding her soon!“ She keeps her story moving forward when she describes her encounter with Poshmark Founder and CEO, Manish, which she claims really marked her arrival at PoshFest.

Brenda goes on, “The remainder of that weekend was just as poignant. We giggled, we learned, we partied until the wee hours. We danced with Team Posh who made each of us an honorary member of the HQ family.”

queenmumm quoteFamily is central to Brenda’s story. She explains that the bonds she created with the women she met at PoshFest were so strong and impactful – her PFFs are family. This coming October will be Brenda’s fourth PoshFest. She looks forward to it as she writes, “It will be a weekend which presents all of us with something invaluable, bigger than any bargain we’ll find in the app. Poshmark teaches us how to share our closets, but PoshFest is where we learn to share ourselves.”

Read Brenda’s entire story on her blog.

Want to share your memorable PoshFest story? Post it to your social media channels or your blog using hashtag #PoshFest and we will be sharing our favorites leading up to the big event in October!

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