Posh Tip: How to List #PoshMini Items

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Last week, we launched kids’ and men’s fashion! Can you say amazing?! Each day this week, we’ll be sharing #PoshMini listing tips to help you get started in taking the first step to expanding your business. 

Tip #1: It’s all about the Covershot. Items sell faster when your buyer can get an idea of how the item looks on. We suggest poking around your camera roll or playing dress up to get a shot of your little one modeling the item you’re selling.

We know your minis grow (too) fast, so if modeling isn’t an option, try a flat lay! They give your buyer a little bit of styling inspo, allowing them to imagine the endless outfit possibilities!

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Tip #2: there’s importance to your title and description. Here are our top three tips:

Be specific—In your title, try to include the brand name, age range, and any other descriptive details (e.g. Carter’s Newborn Polka Dot Fleece Jumpsuit).

Add keywords – In your description, use as many descriptive, trending keywords as possible (e.g. neon floral print dress with fringe trim). This will boost your item’s discoverability when shoppers search for items.

List accurately – Be sure to list your brand accurately to avoid any issues. If your item’s brand isn’t available in our brand list, type it into the brand search bar and tap Add. You can also write into support@poshmark.com with suggestions for our brand list!

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Tip #3: How to tackle kids’ sizing. Sizing for kids gets complicated because there’s no standard and it varies from brand to brand. We suggest selecting the closest match from the size selections. If nothing fits quite right (pun intended!), scroll to the bottom and select Add custom size. We also suggest adding a picture of the size label or including the exact sizing as it’s printed on the label in the description.  

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Tip #4: Go for branding and consistency. The best Covershots are ones that convey your personal style. Branding your Covershots can be as simple as choosing a consistent background! Clean, minimalist vibes? Try a white background and add a kids’ fashion accessory to the mix. Love color? Pair your items with a complementary color background to really make them stand out! Whatever your style, sticking with consistency will make help define your brand and boost your closet’s overall look.

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Tip #5: Create a bundling strategy! You’re all familiar with our bundling feature, but today, we’re talking about bundling as a listing strategy. Have some onesies that aren’t worth the effort to sell alone? Try bundling a few together in a single listing to make a quick sale!

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Tip #6: Maximize your closet exposure! The secret to expanding your closet’s reach, getting new followers, and making sales is two-fold. MAJOR KEY ALERT: Sharing your listings and sharing to Posh Parties! We’re adding a new daily Kids Posh Party to our line up. You can participate by sharing to the parties while they’re live (4pm-6pm) or signing up to host by emailing hosting@poshmark.com.

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Tip #7: Stock your Closet and Boutique! No kids? No problem. You can cash in on the quick-selling kids craze by shopping Wholesale! We’ve done all the hard work and recruited the cutest, most sought after kids’ items so you can focus on the fun part—shopping! To get started, visit the Shop tab in app and tap on Wholesale.

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